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How Good Do You Want to Be?


It seems as long as I can remember, I’ve been captivated by men and women who are at the top of their game – whether professional athletes, CEOs, doctors or artists. Do you ever wonder how they reached their elite status? What do you call “it” when you see it? I call it mastery. What » Read More


Epic Fail – 5 Ways to Build a Culture of Failure


No one likes to fail. Failure feels like losing. But failure is more generous than we might think. Failure gives experience to those who try and offers wisdom to those who will try next. Failure fuels our quest for something better. It is the hunger that drives our discontent. Failure is the engine of innovation. It » Read More


2 Things That Will Make You An Overnight Success


You hear of the overnight success story quite often.   An individual or company comes out of nowhere and has instant success.  It just happened.   They got lucky.  The same is true of a great leader.  It just happens. That makes for great media and television.  However, it couldn’t be any farther from the truth.  If » Read More


7 Best Practice Best Practices


Have you ever watched an artist or athlete who made what they do look easy? Their performance comes so naturally that, as you watch you think, “I could do that.” Whitney Houston opens her lips, amazing music comes out. Michael Jordan goes in for a layup, jumps from the 3-point line and soars through the » Read More


WEadership Practice #1: Adopt a Wide-Angle Point of View

Mano vs. Telescope

This post is the second in a series that began here. We are summarizing the findings of a one-year study of workforce leadership and through that process, we have identified six practices next-generation leaders are using to be effective; a new model of leadership we call WEadership, in a nod to its collaborative nature. Practice » Read More


WEadership: Workforce Leaders Remaking Policy and Redefining What it Means to Lead


As of 2008, the war for good jobs has trumped all other leadership activities […] The lack of good jobs will become the root cause of almost all world problems that America and other countries will face. – Jim Clifton Jobs and economic security. These are the most important issues on the minds of Americans » Read More

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