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Give ‘Em Some Space (for Possibilities)


A significant dimension of leadership is coaching… engaging in conversations that help others make the leap from where they are to where they want (or need) to be. Whether the focus is on correcting a performance problem, expanding capacity, improving relationships, or developing within one’s career, coaching is a powerful tool for supporting others as » Read More


Is Your Way The Only Way?


[This blog post is based on concepts from Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans.] Or do you tend to yield? Do you give power away to your talented people? Veronika, a manager in a global drug research and development company, woke up one morning and recognized that 20 » Read More


No Fair!


 Nothing is fair in this world. You might as well get that straight right now. – Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees Babies as young as 15 months grasp fairness, according to Jennifer Welsh in Live Science.  So does every employee in your organization. (And they may grasp unfairness with even greater clarity!) » Read More


Avoid These Mistakes If You Want to Lead Innovative Teams

Avoid this mistake if you want to lead innovative teams.

Note: This post is adapted from my new book The Seven Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say. If you’d like practical leadership tools with immediate results, it’s available now at Amazon. What Would Happen If… “David, what do you think about…” A few months into her second year of college, our daughter Averie texted me with » Read More


Book Review of The Decision Maker by Dennis Bakke


Dennis W. Bakke is a CEO and an entrepreneur.  He is currently the manager of Imagine Schools, a commercial charter school.  He is also an author of Creating Abundance, published in 1984,  the best seller Joy of Work: A Revolutionary approach to fun on the job, published in 2005, Purpose Matters, published in 2008, and » Read More


3 Portraits of Employee Involvement


In your organization, how much employee input does management get before deciding a course of action? Not much? You might want to rethink that.


3 Ways to Actually Help Your Team (and Yourself!)


“No Way!” I was working with a leader whose team was struggling. They were frustrated, felt like their leader did not care, and were dealing with the same problems over and over. I suggested that the next time a team member addressed one of these issues he ask a simple question: “How can I help?” » Read More


Leaders: Reduce, Eliminate & Leverage Stress to Score BIG & WIN!

stressed out leader 1

What Your Brain Wishes You Knew About Workplace Stress & 5 Simple Stress Solutions for You (and Your Team) If you are in a management or leadership role and you are paid to think (or you pay others to think), yet at the end of the day you feel overwhelmed by stress because: There’s more » Read More


7 Practical Questions That Will Multiply Your Influence

Image of Spiral Staircase

The Stuff Your ability to: dream show others the way ask the right questions challenge others’ thinking inspire motivate encourage This is the stuff of leadership – and it has nothing to do with the title that comes after your name or power to force people to act. It has everything to do with what » Read More


Why So Many Employee Ideas Don’t Make Sense


One of the great beliefs we have as managers is that our job is to listen to our employees’ ideas and then go implement those that we find valuable. Sounds like a great idea. But as managers we know the reality is that a good many employee ideas just don’t make business sense. Read more…

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