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Breaking Down Those Organizational Walls

paul larue

“Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!” A number of years ago I was fortunate to be on the opening team of a new theme park in California. I was one of the first brought on in my department, and in those initial months as the park was being built it was a thrill to watch » Read More


Do you have leadership presence?


“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.” Lao Tzu Leadership is about results and positive outcomes, and so leaders want the hearts and minds of others directed toward a unified purpose. Presence is one way the leader can engage the energies and commitment of others to a common goal. Authenticity and effective communication » Read More


The Slippery Slope of Not Asking Why

No Why

I’d like to think I’m good at challenging the status quo.  To get regular reality checks, I spend time with college kids creating for-profit and not-for-profit businesses aimed at solving wicked problems.  They truly challenge the status quo and it is, fortunately, invigoratingly contagious. Sometimes (most of the time?), the status quo is so deeply engrained » Read More


Creating employee engagement through culture and job design

Send Grid: culture tenets

In a refreshing interview, CEO Jim Franklin shares his company’s views on employee engagement. SendGrid’s approach to job design is both exhilarating and gutsy.


Does Your Team Have a Chief Belief Officer?

Leaders Believe

Trial In a state correctional facility, Christine had a problem. With no prior supervisory experience, as one of a small handful of female staff in a mostly male prison, and with a highly diverse and contentious inmate population, she had been placed in charge of creating a clothing factory. As if those weren’t enough barriers, » Read More


Lead Like Coach Wooden


The following post was co-authored by Dr. Gordon Whitehead and his son Chris Whitehead…   Many years ago I read Be Quick But Don’t Hurry by Andrew Hill and John Wooden. For many, John Wooden is a personal, as well as a national, treasure. For those who don’t know about John Wooden, this may help » Read More


Give Me 3 Minutes and I’ll Make You a Smarter Leader

be a smarter leader

What Do You Know? Recently a friend of mine hopped on Facebook and asked his friends to recommend a local carpet-cleaning company and a moving company. (There must be a good story there, but that’s not why I bring it up.) Within an hour he had several solid recommendations with one moving company clearly favored » Read More


The Leader and the Boss

katrina thumbnail

Are you a leader? Or a boss? Do you know the difference between the leader and the boss? In this article, you will be able to differentiate between the two and distinguish if you are a leader or you are acting as a boss.  Leader, the role of the leader is to lead the people. » Read More


How Can I Get My Team to Listen to Me the First Time, Every Time

leadership listen

How Can I Get Them to Listen? I love this question – it is honest, sincere, and you can probably identify with the frustration behind it. In fact, the question in its original form comes from a mother of three asking about her children, and she qualified her questions: “Oh wait, wrong type of leadership?” » Read More


It Takes a Community to Be a Leader

Leadership Takes a Community

Leadership isn’t a solo endeavor. If you go it alone: You will not have anyone to support you in challenging times. You will not have anyone to challenge you in troubling times. You will not have meaningful conversations. You will become stale in your ways. You will become moldy in your ideas. You will become » Read More

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