Tell the Story: Part 3

Your chances of creating a Talent Magnet go up drastically if you can marshal the energy and effort of your entire organization. The same can be said for telling the story; you cannot expect your leaders to carry the load alone on this issue. If you want to become an employer of choice for Top Talent, consider the possibilities if you Deputize Everyone to help Tell the Story.

If you truly hope to mobilize the entire workforce, you must train, equip, and empower them to tell the story. Consider creating resources which may be helpful: videos, PowerPoint slides, current facts about your business including number of leaders trained, college scholarships given, and other key numbers referencing that reach and impact of your vision. Add to this list any information to underscore your seriousness and success when it comes to delivering on your employee promise.

If you deputize everyone, when do you activate these people? Every day. Your existing employees can become strong ambassadors for your organization. They can validate your promise as they interact with potential employees in their daily lives.

Two cautionary notes discovered in our research…

Some organizations mistakenly attempt to Tell the Story in orientation alone. For your story to attract Top Talent, they must hear it BEFORE they join your organization. Encourage everyone to tell the story often.

Finally, don’t confuse your historical story with the story the Top Talent wants to hear. The founder’s intent is powerful and helpful when indoctrinating new hires, but far less helpful when attempting to attract them. Ask your people to proactively tell the story the Top Talent wants to hear – it’s a simple message…

If you join our organization, you will find a
Better Boss, a Brighter Future and a Bigger Vision.

Deputize Everyone to Tell this Story.

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