Together is Better Than Alone

by  Becky Robinson  |  Partnerships

running budsAfter months of hearing my friend Maria tell me about her running group, I finally got up early one Saturday morning to meet the group for a run.

Leaving my house before six a.m., I asked myself: Who does this?

When I pulled into the parking lot for the meet-up, several cars idled there and when I got out of my van, I stepped into a circle of six or seven women.

Although meeting them for the first time, they seemed familiar. They looked like me: tired (maybe), determined, committed.

Who does this?

“We do,” I thought. “We do this.”

Moments later, we took off in a steady jog through a still dark morning. As the miles passed, the sun rose, lighting the sky gradually, as dark faded to light.

We are stronger together.

Whether you want to run a marathon (which I did last month, supported by my new running friends), start a business, or become a better leader, you will be more effective if you have a group of like-minded friends to support you.

Being part of a group provides unshakable accountability. When you commit to others who want to live and lead the way you do, you are inviting them to help you be the person you’re aspiring to be. Friends in a group can nudge you gently back when you fall away, just as you encourage others when they struggle.

Being part of a group creates a new normal. Is getting up at 5 am to run before dawn normal? Is being a no-excuses leader normal? Is generosity normal? Joining with others community gives us a chance to create new definitions and norms. These new norms can propel us to become better versions of ourselves.

Being part of a group introduces new resources and ideas. My running friends have experiences and knowledge that I don’t, and they share their ideas and thoughts with me. I ran my marathon much more successfully because I followed their advice to pace myself carefully. I met my coach, Susan Mazza, in this group (Lead Change).

Being part of a group allows us to make a bigger impact in the world. If I am trying to do something alone, I can have some effect. When I join with others, I can make a much bigger difference. When I started my business in early 2012, I was the only one working. I soon discovered I needed help. Now that I work with a team of 20+, we can get a lot more done. This group is a great example of a community you can join if you want to make a bigger difference in the world. One voice talking about the importance of character based leadership can be easily drowned out by the noise. When we raise our voices together, we will be heard.

If you ever feel like you are standing alone, you are not. When you are facing a challenge, or conquering a fear, or facing a new day with courage and integrity, though you may be physically alone, as part of this community you are not ever alone. The answer to the question “Who does this?” is always, resoundingly, “We do.”

We do this.

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What People Are Saying

Jon Mertz  |  06 May 2014  |  Reply

Well said, Becky. Together is better than alone because it lifts our eyes to what is possible together rather than focused on self. Together, we can more completely collaborate and lead in a purpose-filled way. Excellent points! Thank you. Jon

Becky  |  06 May 2014  |  Reply


I’ve been grateful for our collaboration and am thankful that this group brought us together.

Jon Stallings  |  06 May 2014  |  Reply

Great thoughts Becky. In a society that so glorifies individual achievement it is easy to lose sight that we really do function better as a team / community.

Becky Robinson  |  07 May 2014  |  Reply

Thank you, Jon! I wonder how we could help people see that what we achieve together is more meaningful. Any ideas?

Jon Stallings  |  07 May 2014  | 

Not sure that I have any great answers. We just have to keep talking about it and living it out in our on sphere of influence.

Ruth Schwartz  |  06 May 2014  |  Reply

Thanks Becky,
We is always better than me. Thanks for the story. Ruth

Paul LaRue  |  06 May 2014  |  Reply

Becky, love the post, and the inspiration! Especially like the accountability part, because of its positive power when we hold each other up. It’s a reason I’m privileged to be part of Lead Change, because of leaders like yourself.

“A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”

Keep running!!

Becky Robinson  |  07 May 2014  |  Reply

Are you a runner, also, Paul? I look forward to getting to know you more!

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