9 Ways to Motivate Employees When You Don't Set the Goals

What Now?

Julia slammed her laptop shut and slumped over her desk.

“Ugh! What are they thinking? My team’s gonna hate this!”

We had just sat down to discuss her goals when the email arrived from her regional manager.

The email listed sales goals she and her team were expected to meet…goals from headquarters that neither she nor her team had any input into.

What Would You Do?

Julia’s situation is not unique.

Whether you’re a team leader, a mid-manager, or even the President, CEO, or Executive Director, there will be times in your career where you are asked to meet goals that you did not speak into or, in some cases, even disagree with.

Naturally, this presents a leadership challenge.

As Julia noted, people often react negatively when they have goals ‘shoved down their throats’ – goals that may have been set by people who may not have all the facts and didn’t ask for input.

The good news is that you and your team can still thrive in these situations – there are ways to motivate employees when you don’t set the goals...9 of them, if fact! [Read More...]

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