Beyond The Bottom Line - Measuring & Celebrating Success

My team and I will soon pass an important milestone as a company. It's a milestone I identified and have been looking to achieve by year's end.

If I look at it from a big picture, strictly business perspective, I would have reason to downplay or even feel disappointed about my results as a business owner so far.

However, when I view the results and this milestone through a larger perspective - through the lens of our company values and my own personal values - I have a deep sense that I have done well. We have reason to celebrate.

As a leader, it is my job to set the pace for the team. Through what I talk about and celebrate, my team will understand and internalize what's important to us as a company.

Here are a few of the not-so-usual measures I want to celebrate:

Money That Goes Into The World - Though a strictly business mindset would focus on net revenue, an important measure, certainly, I take great joy in the money my business generates as income for others. The money that goes into the world is a measure of blessings shared. The money that goes into the world is a measure of the number of opportunities we are creating. Every pay day, I pray that the money I am sending into the world will have a great return of blessing in the lives of the people who subcontract for my company. I celebrate the money that leaves my company to bless others.

Number Of Books Launched - Our company's primary focus is launching business books. The more books we launch, the more great ideas we are sharing with our online networks and communities. In my view, we can track the difference we are making as a company to the number of books we are launching. More books = more great ideas = making a bigger difference.

The Difference We Are Making - When I feel discouraged, I find encouragement by asking myself this question: "Whose life is different because I am doing this work?"

When I ask this question, my mind floods with obvious people - the team members working with me and the clients we serve - and with less-obvious people. If you are reading this, you might be one of the less-obvious people.

What kind of difference do I want to make? A big one! This unsolicited comment from a team member sums up what I want to create and celebrate:

"I love what I do. I love who I work with. The respect level is high. The teamwork is great. The support we have for each other is second to none. My wife and I have a stronger relationship now because I'm happy with what I do. I get to spend time with and bond with my daughter."

As a leader, I could focus on the less-than-perfect numbers on our P&L. As CEO, it is my job to look at the bottom line.

As I attend to the bottom line, I am also mindful of the measures that matter beyond the bottom line. And you can bet I'm celebrating them.

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