Contributors Carnival November 5, 2010

The Lead Change Group is a contributor-supported leadership development community. We're dedicated to helping one another apply character-based leadership to make a positive difference.

Contributing Members are those people who have made a commitment to help the community grow.  They post on the blog and list their products and services in the directory (coming soon).  They share posts and encourage all of us to lead from where we are,  not from some position or power.

Because they contributed to the group, we provide a summary of their most recent posts here each week to help you see their other work and help their website ranking and traffic.  You an see a list of links to all of the contributors blogs on the Leadership Blogs page.

Jane Perdue posted on Tuesday of this week here and also on her blog, Get Your Leadership Big On.  The post she shared, titled Opening Doors With Creativity and Chocolate is about how to build relationships and establish a sense of community using a little chocolate.  Check it out.

Wednesday, Tara Alemany of Aleweb Social Marketing posted here on LeadChange.  On her blog, The Conversations Around Us, her latest post is Do Your Customers Love You? It's about the need to build tighter relationships and engage your clients.  Don't miss it.

Mary Schaefer posted on Thursday.  She mirrored the same post on her blog but just before that, she kicked off a new project over at her website, Reimagining Work Relationships, 30 Speeches in 30 Days.  That's right.  Mary has put together a special project to deliver 30 talks in 30 days.  Click the link and go check it out.

And our gracious editor, Jennifer Miller has a post up about leadership, social networking, and Charlene Li's book Open Leadership titled Open Up your Leadership. Make sure and check it out.

Also, Contributing Member Mike Myatt of N2Growth was on the Leadership and Influence Summit this week. Check out his post about it or register for the summit playback.

Please do check out these posts and click through to the sites of other members.  Our working together as a community will help attract people to the group and help develop more character-based leaders.

Finally, Jennifer and Tara have the new LeadChange Badge displayed proudly on their site too.  Do you?  If not, you can get the code to add it to your blog right here.  Why not add it this weekend and show some group spirit.

Photo by markb120 on Flickr

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