Favorite Posts of 2009

Finally.  Everyone else did their year-end recap around the end of the year.  As you have learned by now, I'm not everyone else.  But I still got the list together.  These posts are my 10 favorites or most popular posts for 2009.  If you're newer to the blog, I hope you get a chance to review some of the older posts.

January 10 - Capitalism and Meaning – One of my first posts but a consistent passion of mine. Can a business serve its employees before shareholders and customers?  Will that work?

June 8 - Who Do You Love? - One theme I hope to revisit in the future is how businesses need to value the right things to succeed in the long run.

June 29 - Look What They Make You Give – This post asked the question of employers, “what do you make your employees do to be a contributor?”  Matthew Kelly’s Dream Manager was the context.

July 16 - Can You Base Your Career on a Little White Lie? This was a reaction to a Huffington Post article that got the most page views and tied for the most comments of any post in 2009.  What do you think about the need to tell the truth?

August 18 - The Call of a Manager – What’s the best thing you can do for your organization as a manager?

October 2 - Unique Difference – Appreciate your special contribution. This was tied for the most commented article of 2009 with Little White Lie.

October 8 - Open Source Leadership – We took Gary Hamel’s ideas about an open-source management model and combined them with the ideas behind the Lead Change Group.

October 27 & 29 - War With Apathy and War on Apathy Continues – A friend challenged me to make that a label for myself.  Very popular across both posts.

November 17 - Six Facets of the Servant Leadership Diamond – my first pass at defining Servant Leadership and the first post of a brief series.

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