6 Facets of the Servant Leadership Diamond

Servant Leaders serve people in pursuit of a goal. We might be tempted to consider only one facet at a time in this statement.  However consider all of the dimensions and you'll get a complete picture of great leadership.


Leaders who do not serve but who expect to be served immediately break down the win-win requirement of any successful relationship.  All relationships must be win-win to be sustainable.


People who influence things.  A leader is one who influences.  We naturally are influenced by people with certain characteristics: authenticity, character, sincerity, etc. A leader influences the path and behavior of others.


You can call yourself a servant leader but until you serve others, you're simply dreaming.  Many times it's only after you have served that you gain the trust to influence. Quality, significant leadership is borne from service.


People are the only things that matter.  Don't be fooled into believing that this life is all there is. Jesus claimed that we will live forever.  Therefore everything you do for (or to) people will affect eternity.

In Pursuit

The reason why change is central to leadership is that we all "pursue." People who are not in pursuit become stagnant.  We were made to create, be and do. Rest is a function of creating, being and doing, not the purpose.  We are all in motion, through both time and space.  And we all intrinsically want to make things better for ourselves.  "In pursuit" packs a lot of power.  We also appreciate people on a mission; people who know what they want.  If you're standing still, you're falling behind.

Of a Goal

The desired outcome of our efforts.  Common, shared goals are energizing. The best goals inspire their effort, sacrifice, and cost.  Great goals are worth great effort, but also great goals are often shared by large numbers of people.  If your goal is not shared, maybe it's not that great.  But that's where leadership makes a full circle.  You may need to serve people in order to influence them to pursue your goal.  Leadership requires that one manage the circular nature of complex win-win relationships.

Servant leaders serve people in pursuit of a goal. Make sure you polish all of the facets of your diamond. Your leadership diamond will sparkle as you pay attention to all 6 facets.

Think about it.

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