How Can I Get My Team to Listen to Me the First Time, Every Time

How Can I Get Them to Listen?

I love this question – it is honest, sincere, and you can probably identify with the frustration behind it.

In fact, the question in its original form comes from a mother of three asking about her children, and she qualified her questions: “Oh wait, wrong type of leadership?”

To which I respond…not at all. Influence is influence and every leader of any kind I’ve ever known can identify at times with the frustration of not being heard.

Ask Yourself…

When I coach leaders, sometimes I challenge them to reverse the situation…to put yourself in the team member’s role and think about how you would respond in a similar circumstance.

It’s powerful – you transform your perspective and often learn you have the answers within you.

So let’s try that here:

When you are a team member, what has to happen for you to listen to your leader the first time, every time?

If you’re a human being, your answer is likely... [Read More]

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