Religion and Politics in the Workplace

This past week, I had the distinct pleasure and the opportunity to join the crew at HR Happy Hour (Twitter hashtag #HRHappyHour) for a panel discussion on Religion and Politics in the Workplace. Jason Seiden (@seiden, web) guest-hosted the call in place of regular host Steve Boese. Shauna Moerke assisted with the hosting duties and Tammy Colson was also a panelist.

The discussion and the associated tweet chat were very lively.  I don't know if they archived the Twitter traffic or not but the audio including about 15 minutes of teleconference beyond the end of the show are recorded here.

Thanks to Jason, Shauna, Tammy, Steve and all the wonderful folks from the HR world that were on the call or listened in. I probably followed 50 new people but at the same time I also saw some #LeadChange members who are also in the HR community including Steve Browne, Meghan Biro and Rusti-Ann Blanke, and many other friends participated in the chat too! I enjoyed it very much. We'll have to return the favor one day soon.