An Empowered Organization Survives Turbulent Times

by  Chris Zaucha  |  Leadership Development

According to management guru Peter Drucker, “No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it.  It must be organized in such a way as to be able to get along under a leadership composed of average human beings.”  As we continue to embark on the seemingly endless journey toward an anticipated economic recovery, the ability to “stretch resources” has become a popular catch phrase once again.  While it is most prudent to conserve our expenditures and outlays in the interest of survival, we must be cautious to not begin to ask our employees to do the impossible – become “geniuses or supermen” – in their attempt to do more with less.  All employees want personal success while helping to contribute to the success of the corporation.  Without the proper resources, their innate desire to succeed will surely dwindle and their desire to perform will follow suit.

Most employees welcome a career that is challenging yet fair.  Their expectations of having the necessary resources to meet those challenges head on are not unreasonable.  A great leader has the ability to test people’s ability to think differently, approach a task from a different angle, and increase their contributors’ creative potential.  This is now most crucial as we may be asking our most valuable resources – our employees – to do more with less.  We need to find that utopia of creative involvement without appearing overbearing.  If we are able to achieve this, our employees will be wiser, better, and more successful when we return to a regular level of business.

While the worst is not yet over, it is imperative we use this time wisely to encourage our people to better themselves, become stronger, and be ready for the days that lay ahead.  How?

  • Challenge others to become better while the opportunity presents itself during this slow time.
  • Better your organizations by empowering your employees and colleagues to better themselves.
  • Demonstrate your willingness to work side by side with your personnel to further enhance their career development.

Not only will this greatly increase organizational morale, you will also witness an inspired staff that willingly works harder because their employer is making an investment in them.  If you truly want to inspire your organization to survive through this turbulent time, follow more advice from Mr. Peter Drucker: “Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”

photocredit: © Peter Booth

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Georgia Feiste  |  09 Dec 2010  |  Reply

Chris – great article. This has become a challenge for employees everywhere, and given continuing layoffs has created a cynicism within the ranks that is palpable. Companies who take the time to have conversations with their employees, recognize the pain they are feeling, and encourage innovation and personal growth initiatives will be the most successful. Communication is what it is all about – oh, and building trust helps a bit, too. Thanks for the reminder!


Susan Mazza  |  14 Dec 2010  |  Reply

I really appreciate your challenging all of us Chris to use this time to not only survive, but to take a stand for who we can and will be and become in the face of what challenges us. There is perhaps no greater gift we can give to people as leaders than to support them in taking a stand for themselves!

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