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Karin hurt is CEO of Let's Grow Leaders, a leadership consulting firm focused on helping companies achieve transformational results by building rock-solid frontline leadership teams.She has a diverse background of executive leadership experience in sales, customer service, call centers, human resources, merger integration, training and leadership development-- the last 20 years of which have been with Verizon.She most recently served as Executive Director of the Strategic Partnership Channel at Verizon Wireless where she transformed customer service outsourcing, working with companies and call centers to build great customer experiences and strong cultures. Her high-trust, high-collaboration approach has led to substantial improvement across the portfolio, with centers performing at parity or above internal centers.Prior to that she led a large Verizon Wireless sales team (2000+) leading the Nation in store sales to the Small and Medium business space. Her book, Overcoming an Imperfect Boss: A Practical Guide To Building a Better Relationship With Your Boss is available on Amazon. Karin has an BA in Communication from Wake Forest University, an MA from Towson University in Organizational Communication, and additional graduate work at the University of Maryland, where she taught communications classes.She was recently recognized as one of the top 100 thought leaders in Trusted Business Behavior by Trust Across America and as Multiplier of the Year by the Wiseman Group.Karin lives in Baltimore with her husband and two sons. She knows the long road of the marathon runner and the joy of good song, all of which inform her leadership.

The Insiders Guide to Micromanagement

little boy and businessmen communicate, isolation on white background

Are you a micromanager? Did you know that being a micromanager has more of a negative impact than a positive influence? It’s often easy to spot when we have been micromanaged, but it’s time to look in the mirror and see if we have become that which we know interferes with performance. Read more…


In Search of the Perfect “Boss”

imperfect boss

No one hates the “B” word as much as I do, so why did I chose that word for the title of my first book?  Because despite all our efforts to “lead change” and encourage servant leadership, most of our readers are struggling in imperfect hierarchical organizations working for an imperfect boss. And even as » Read More


Simple Gifts: When the Best You Can Do is Enough


My favorite Christmas stories are the ones where a humble hero offers the best gifts he can muster.  It never looks like much on the outside. In Why The Chimes Rang, a small child accomplishes what all the rich and famous could not with their extravagant gifts.  He did what he could, with what he had. The » Read More


The Odd Truth About Remote Teams

remote teams

When it comes to remote teams, absence can make results stronger.  Managed well, remote teams will outperform your co-located groups. My Remote Team Story I have been working in long distance leadership situations for almost 2 decades.  I have led many highly dispersed teams.  For most of my career I have not worked in the » Read More


He’s not ready to be promoted (but thinks he is)

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He thinks he’s ready to be promoted.  You don’t.  You don’t want to crush his spirits, but he’s not listening.  He blames you, the system, politics and that crazy project you gave him last year. He’s a strong performer and a vital member of your team. You know he’ll get there, but only if he listens. » Read More


Can Men and Women Be Friends at Work?

photo by Larry Kohlenstein

The professional distance thing has always been tricky for me.  I get the rules. I’m a SHRM certified HR professional and spent years in HR roles.  I also understand the logic of keeping professional distance, particularly between men and women. I’ve seen the disastrous consequences of inappropriate relationships.  There’s nothing more awkward than firing a » Read More


Teams Need Vision Too


Executives spend vital time communicating their vision to the frontline.  Kickoff meetings, employee broadcasts, town halls… all serve well to share important vision, values and goals. What’s often lost in translation is how this plays out at the frontline.  The vision feels bigger than  day-to-day.  So the frontline teams enjoy the message, and then get » Read More


Follow, Feel and Flow: Integrating Leading and Following


Leaders often hate to follow.  There’s ego, “I could do this better.”  Or vision, “she’s not thinking big enough.”  Or style, “that’s not how I would approach it.”  When the stakes are high, you might need to jump in.  Chances are there’s greater benefit to follow, feel and flow. Follow Follow more.  Take the back » Read More


Distraction Speaks Louder Than Words

good news

You’re distracted. Multi-tasking. Getting work done. You’re trying hard to give everyone the attention they need. It’s hard. If you’re like me, being spread too thin leads to distracted focus. Distraction speaks louder than words. What Your Team Hears When You Can’t Hear Them… You are not that important to me Others matter more Your » Read More


Dear McDonald’s, It’s Not About the Burgers (or even the Yogurt)


A recent Wall Street Journal article, McDonald’s Tackles Service Woes, describes McDonald’s continued economic and customer service challenges. “McDonalds Corp., battling back from recent earnings disappointments, is putting unusual emphasis on a long-time challenge: getting it’s far flung workforce to provide service with a smile.” Excerpts from a leadership webcast to franchise owners warned that “1:5 » Read More

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