Simple Gifts: When the Best You Can Do is Enough

My favorite Christmas stories are the ones where a humble hero offers the best gifts he can muster.  It never looks like much on the outside.

In Why The Chimes Rang, a small child accomplishes what all the rich and famous could not with their extravagant gifts.  He did what he could, with what he had.

The Little Drummer Boy, "had no gift to bring" ... but we keep singing about him.  I could go on.... but the point is not about Christmas stories... it's about you... and me.

Why Our Gifts Remain Ungiven

As leaders we don't always bring our gifts to the table.  We stop because we think our gifts are too simple.  We sooth our conscience with stopping thoughts:

"I'm really not the best qualified."

"There's not much I can do"  read more

Note:  December's Frontline Festival on Let's Grow Leaders is all about gifts, I welcome participation from the Lead Change Community.   Submissions due Dec. 13th.    For more information click here.


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