7 Habits Of Highly Inept Leaders

John's voice shook as he shared his latest third party encounter with his bosses' boss.

"Apparently I was caught yawning during her presentation. I didn't even realize I had. The irony is that I was really into what she was saying. This had nothing to do with her. But apparently she gave my boss quite an earful about my behavior.

She didn't even tell me directly so I could explain. How can I let her know this is not about her? I feel just awful. It's just that I've been travelling so much for work, and I haven't been feeling well."

"Get some rest, keep doing a great job, and let it go." I replied. This is not about you.

A confident, humble leader would have a different response to a yawning audience. Sadly such a reaction likely stems from insecurity and other inept behavior.

Effective Versus Inept Leaders

Stephen Covey has written about 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People. Today I share 7 habits of highly inept leaders:

  1. Be Reactive - Respond to the biggest fires first with full on urgency. Pull as many people into the mix as you can. When you're stressed, make sure your team is stressed right along with you.
  2. Begin With What Will Buy You The Most Political Capital - Scratch the right backs and don't worry about everyone else. Be at the right place at the politically correct time, your team can get work done.
  3. Put Yourself First - Your career matters, make sure you always look out for number one.
  4. Think Win At All Costs - So you step on a few toes, or cut a few corners. What matters is making your numbers.
  5. Seek First To Cover Your Butt - Don't leave a trail of ineptitude. Cover your tracks.
  6. Micromanage - Don't leave anything to chance. Your team is likely more inept than you. Watch their every move.
  7. Sharpen Your Knife - No time for sharpening your saw. Be prepared to go on the offense with naysayers. A little backstabbing never hurt anyone.
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