Bang The Drum All Day!!!

by  Page Cole  |  Leadership Development

Music has a way of transporting us- our minds, our hearts, our thoughts- to amazing and sometimes frightening place. Songs stir up memories of the past, good and bad. Songs give us new lenses to see through as we survey our current landscape of life. Songs have a way of putting a lighting a candle in the far recesses of our soul, of putting a face on our future, of helping us transcend what we know to what might be. Examining the songs that touch each of us can be a powerful tool in helping us discover our fears and hurts, our dreams and strengths.


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I’m a dealer in hope… In my career, for seniors who want to stay safely in their own homes… in my family, that our best days are still yet to come… and in my sphere of influence, that we all have the ability to change our world, first and foremost by changing ourselves for the better!  »  View Profile

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