Inspired To Bravery – A Leadercast 2015 Recap

by  Mike Henry  |  Leadership Development
Inspired to Bravery – A Leadercast 2015 Recap

I attended Leadercast 2015 last Friday. The conference topic was The Brave Ones.

I had some major takeaways from the simulcast that I wanted to share. I confess I wasn’t excited about going. I was not inspired by last year’s event.

However, this year’s event challenged and energized. It was the best day I’ve spent in quite a while.

Andy Stanley

Bold leadership comes from clarity around an unreasonable commitment to what should be. Bold leaders refuse to be cowed by how. Transform how to wow.

Start moving. Take chances. Don’t get cowed by “How?”

Rorke Denver

Rorke had several good points, but the key for me is that bravery is a team sport. Bravery is like a muscle. We develop it by leaning into the pain.

Malala Yousafzai

I was impressed by her commitment to her ideals. She simply refused to participate in the tyranny and terror around her. She demonstrated how natural bravery becomes when we simply decide something bigger than ourselves is more important than the possible consequences.

Peyton Manning

Thrive on being uncomfortable. My own note related to the fact that my greatest objectives lay on the other side of my own discomfort. Also, invest in a coach. Become a master observer. Understand the power and influence that can come from others and their perspectives.

Lean into, thrive on, and be present in the discomfort or the tension.

Seth Godin

It’s always too soon. Gutenberg invented the printing press when Europe was 93% illiterate. When the automobile was invented, it was illegal to drive. What did they do with the first fax machine? Every great invention happens before its time. The first principle of change is we must be present in discomfort. We must also be unreasonable in our responsibility.

Ed Catmull

What forces block creativity? Creativity is problem solving. New ideas are fragile. Remove the forces that block creativity. Make the future.

Remove the forces that block creativity.

Aja Brown & Rudy Giuliani

I got their notes a bit confused. I’m not sure which one made the statements: Don’t live in a prison of others judgments, or complacency or fear. Pursue a vision bigger than yourself.

Rudy Giuliani

Know what you believe.

Connect and create a team around an idea that’s bigger than yourself.

Every character-based leader will have a slightly different application, but one idea remains: The only thing separating you from your ideal future as an inspiring leader is your own inaction. There are plenty of problems to solve. Don’t focus on the obstacles, focus on the objective. Pursue an idea bigger than yourself and find a way. Our world needs you.

What have you seen or heard recently that inspired you to bravery?

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What People Are Saying

Sean Glaze  |  12 May 2015  |  Reply

Mike –

Terrific post with nice reminders of what is always a great event.

One of my favorite Andy Stanley “breadcrumb” questions is “What breaks your heart?”
It forces you to focus on the WHY that drives you to do what you do, or is a powerful catalyst for helping to find a cause you can be passionate about…

Mike Henry  |  12 May 2015  |  Reply

Sean, thanks for the addition. I had a ton of notes and that was another great thought from his talk. What breaks our heart is often the place where we have great energy to serve others. Thanks for mentioning it. Mike…

Paula Kiger  |  12 May 2015  |  Reply

One of the most memorable quotes I took away from a talk by Cheryl Strayed, author of “Wild,” was (paraphrasing): Sometimes you have to break your own heart to get to where you need to be. She said it better than that but the idea really resonated with me!

Cassandra Ferguson  |  13 May 2015  |  Reply

The event was awesome! I was one of the Co-host / MC for the Baltimore Leadercast event . Andy Stanley had people in tears doing the break with that question ,”What breaks your heart”? The bread crumb questions. To sum it up that’s the area of your calling.

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