Please Help Me Fail: Learning How to Fail Better

by  Karin Hurt  |  Leadership Development

failing better

Failing happens.  Helping our teams to learn from failure can be one of the most vital aspects of our role as leaders.  Even when the situation seems devastating, how we show up can make a tremendous difference in someone’s growth.

John Maxwell talks about this well in “Failing Forward.” In fact, I have bought many copies of his work, and have shared them over the years when the time seemed right.   I have also used the concepts to help recover from my own mishaps.

Failure is the key to success.  Many so-called “failures” are just steps along the journey.

But what about when we really screw up?

Here’s my first big leadership memory on the subject.   It was over a decade ago.. a pivotal moment in my leadership development. It happened in my pajamas.  Read more

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