Reflections on Impact

by  Mike Henry  |  Leadership Development

Reflections on Impact | Lead Change GroupFor most of us, our impact in the world will be the difference we make in the lives of others. Often that’s more what we give than what we sell. First, think of your family. You invest a chunk of your life raising kids. Or you invest some of your life caring for your parents. We often volunteer for non-profit organizations or serve others as part of your faith. In all these ways we demonstrate our belief that our impact is greatest in places where we give rather than where we receive.

So as we come into October 2013, how is your impact this year? Have you had the impact you thought you would at the beginning of 2013? Are you on fire, swinging for the bleachers? Are the days flying by?

Or has the time simply passed by. Are you going through the motions? Do you feel like you you’re stuck in the sand, spinning your tires and sinking? Does everyone else look like they’re moving while you’re standing still? Does the rest of your world look like Hollywood and you’re living in the slums?

Take a minute and reflect on your year. Go ahead. This isn’t going to be a long post. You can think about it a minute.

Now, thanks to Gary Keller and his book, The One Thing, I’ve got a question: What’s the one thing you can do in the next day or hour that will make your future more certain and make everything else either easier or unnecessary?

Then, drop down to the comments. You can leave a comment here, on LinkedIn or on Google+ or Facebook. Take a minute and share your thoughts on 2013 and what’s the one thing you can do or what’s something you need to get 2013 back on track? What can members of this community and readers of this blog do to help you? Or what can you do to help someone else?

Mind sharing?

One final request too. If anyone besides me does in fact share, and if you can help them, connect with them and help them out. What you do to help others matters. Don’t spend your energy trying to sell services or books. Just help. It will matter. You will make an impact. And 2013 will be better for the whole world because you chipped in. Thanks!

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What People Are Saying

Jim Johnson  |  07 Oct 2013  |  Reply

My one thing is helping my department’s leaders focus on what it means to be a leader – even if they see the void in other areas. Today, they are going to start a small project that will hopefully lead to some open conversations regarding leadership and his they can impact our company ‘s culture. Leadership development has largely been ignored and bypassed. Our project will shine a new light on what can happen when leaders lead with understanding , vision, and passion.

Mike Henry  |  09 Oct 2013  |  Reply

Jim, good luck. It’s good that someone is paying attention to culture. The real “instigators” in any business are the people willing to serve others in order to help everyone succeed. I hope everything goes well for you. Mike…

m.Jawed Khan Shervani  |  07 Oct 2013  |  Reply

Good attempt for developing the LEADERS:
Maxwell said, “Leadership is influence: nothing more, nothing less.”
Influence is…Albert Einstein explained that, “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means.”
I say in a meager voice: Influence thrives in respectful relationship. Most of the time leaders take risk to do away with FEAR and fear is caused by something or someone. How we react to fear is what is important. That is a personal choice. Fear will always be a reaction. What blocks personal authenticity to move ahead ? We ourselves do this. There is no one or nothing that should have the capability to obstruct you from being who you are. Again that is a personal choice.
Circumstances provide us with an opportunity to come forward and demonstrate who we are and our authenticity. Consistency in our evoked behavior will show the world what to expect and who we really are. The way to build relationships which are coupled with respect is to foster and promote the other and leave our ego on the pillow when we breach our front door and step out to meet the world. Influence is an intangible gift which flows from the soul, attaches to the body and changes our perception of ourselves and how we relate to others.
Gandhi said “my life is my message” and he influenced millions although that was not his intent. It was us that decided how his words affected us. That is why the best road to followership is for Leaders to show their personal uniqueness and let the message be absorbed at whatever level people are ready to incorporate into their personal reality…

Mike Henry  |  09 Oct 2013  |  Reply

I appreciate your comment, especially the part “foster and promote the other and leave our ego on the pillow”. We do need to leave our ego someplace and promote the other. Thanks for the great comment. Mike…

Gregory K Hernandez  |  10 Oct 2013  |  Reply

Too often we think of “impact” as some momentous task or major accomplishment. The truth is we can positively impact “our world” on a daily basis. If we intentionally seek to be in the moment when we are at work, at play, at home, and in our communities, we will look back on the year with a sense of gratitude and optimism. Thank you for the reminder.

Mike Henry  |  10 Oct 2013  |  Reply

Thanks back. I’d like to make a “huge” impact, but I’m OK with whatever I can do. Seeking to be “in the moment” is a great way to make the most of every opportunity. Thanks.

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