Seven Elements of Leadership Style by Jim Collins

by  Jon Mertz  |  Leadership Development

Guest Post by Jess Millis

 There are quite a few rules and tips that Jim Collins has churned out in his time, and where there may be students essay writing on them all right now, here is a short article on just a few of them.

 1 – Work on no more than ten things

Jim says you should work on no more than ten things at a time and that you may add new goals to your list as you go, but that you may only add them to your top ten list if they are important enough to supplant one that is in your top ten.

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Paul LaRue  |  20 Mar 2014  |  Reply

Appreciate the post, John! Jim Collins really studied organizational behavior, and is able to drive it down in simple terms. This post is a nice reminder of these principles.

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