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Building Enduring Engagement


Most organizations and their leaders now accept that simple worker compliance is insufficient for achieving operational excellence and long-term success. Management writers, consultants, and academics have been telling us this for years. For example, a new book by Karen Martin, The Outstanding Organization, places Engagement as one of four ‘fundamental conditions’ that allow an organization to » Read More


11 Steps to Create Unity and Loyalty


If there is one difference maker in organizations, it may be the leaders’ ability to create unity and loyalty. Unity and loyalty often make the difference between mediocrity and greatness. When I see an organization that lacks personal accountability and has a toxic culture of finger pointing and blame, it is usually the result of » Read More


I’m Sorry You Feel That Way

I'm Sorry You Feel That Way

A key employee on your team asks to speak with you about a sensitive issue in which you have a role. You have an “Open Door Policy” so the two of you meet. When she explains the issues from her point of view, your impatient response is: “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Your spouse » Read More

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