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Managers: How well do you listen?

Managers: How well do you listen?

When employees come to speak with you, do you put everything down, turn off your phone, and feel truly eager to hear their thoughts? Few managers actually do this on a daily basis, and as a result, they are like air traffic controllers without radar. Listening is an active quest to understand the knowledge, concerns, insights and ideas your employees bring to the table, and you need this information to do your job well.


The Power of Soft


The term “soft” is often used when talking about those things that cannot be measured. In giving them a label alongside “hard,” perhaps we have been attempting to give credibility to those skills we inherently know are both essential and valuable to our success, even though their impact can’t really be proven based on “hard” » Read More


Accountability is Not About Justice


We seem to have developed a belief that the purpose of holding someone to account is to make sure they know they did something wrong and/or are to blame and make sure they pay the consequences. Holding someone to account all too often seems to be equated with bringing someone to justice in both context and » Read More


Government’s Gotta Work – Link

JB 10x 15

Over on the Mass Ingenuity blog, I recently wrote a post about the effectiveness of government. I learned early on that when government doesn’t work it disrupts people’s lives. And when people’s lives are disrupted it turns their world upside down.  When we fail to pay attention to government, or when we try to act like » Read More


Your Leadership Walk


We are all on a walk. It is the journey we take each day as a leader. We move through our day, going from one task to the next, one meeting to the next, one problem to the next. We have conversations and interactions; some small, seemingly inconsequential others lengthy and potentially memorable. Each of » Read More


Sustainable Leadership vs. Effective Leadership

Sustainable Leadership vs. Effective Leadership | Lead Change Group

A while back, I wrote a post titled Good Leadership vs. Effective Leadership about the difference between a good leader and an effective leader.  The premise of that post was that an effective leader was one who got others to do what that leader wanted.  A good leader was one who got others to achieve » Read More


10 Things Leaders Can Do To Make A Better World

We have met the enemy, and he is us...

Greetings Leaders! I wake up some mornings, read the headlines and shake my head in bewilderment. War, Budget Crisis, Market Meltdown, Real Estate Crash, Poverty and Scandals. I see these headlines play out almost everyday and often feel a wave of despair flow over me. I often wonder, how did we get here? Where did » Read More


You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be A Leader

Over the years, I have always enjoyed reading articles about some of the great sports coaches. While I’m not a sports fan myself, I find the methods of coaches who consistently produce championship teams very helpful in understanding how to be an effective leader. From Phil Jackson, Pat Riley and John Wooden in Basketball, to » Read More

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