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Fighting Fires Instead of Leading? You Might Be Suffering from Attention Deficit Trait

Stress Picture

As a leader, do you sometimes feel like you’re dashing from one emergency to the next? If so, you’re like thousands of other leaders, struggling to stay on top of everything that’s coming at you, balancing multiple priorities, and unable to get ahead of the power curve. Thinking about the future and your long-term strategy » Read More


The Value of Vision

Value of Vision

A compelling vision pulls you to your future. Focus on your circumstances and lose your way “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Henry Ford What is your vision worth to you? If it’s not worth very much, you will abandon it. Your vision aims and defines » Read More


Clarity Brings A Leader’s Vision to Life

Clarity Brings a Leaders Vision to Life

It is the desire of every leader to see their vision become reality. The challenge leaders face translating vision to reality is having the focus and clarity to bring their vision to life. Prior to any discussion of bringing a vision to life you need solid plan, a foundation. What Is Clarity Really About? Clarity » Read More


Distraction Speaks Louder Than Words

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You’re distracted. Multi-tasking. Getting work done. You’re trying hard to give everyone the attention they need. It’s hard. If you’re like me, being spread too thin leads to distracted focus. Distraction speaks louder than words. What Your Team Hears When You Can’t Hear Them… You are not that important to me Others matter more Your » Read More


Sustainability and Focus

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Sustainability gets a lot of attentions these days… and rightly so. As a society, we’re bringing greater consciousness to the preservation and endurance of the environment, energy, and more. Yet, there’s one precious natural resource that rarely gets the same attention. And for too many people, it’s reaching dangerous depletion levels. How sustainable is the » Read More


A Little Known Way to Prepare for A Tough Discussion

Excited Student With A Composition Book

I’ve been conducting training on manager/employee communication for years. In one class a few weeks ago I heard the same phrase over and over, and realized it holds the key to a breakthrough. When it comes to thinking about initiating a discussion about a touchy subject, inevitably I hear some version of, “What I don’t » Read More


Leadership Means No More Silver Bullets

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Over the past 20+ years I have witnessed a repeated and troubling pattern that occurs far too frequently.  The recurring pattern I’m referring to is when organizations choose to settle for a “silver bullet” solution.  With the hope of quickly getting rid of a problem, many organizations are blindly adopting a “cookie-cutter” approach without asking » Read More


Time Management Tips to Reduce Stress: Part I


One critical habit to address in reducing workplace stress involves your productive and non-productive use of time. How you manage your time is directly correlated to your stress levels. Some stress is normal. In fact, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety states that stress is often what provides us with the energy and » Read More


One Piece of Paper


Writing a lot of words on a subject gets easy.  Often you can simply write and write and (at least I) think that you’ll eventually say something important.  I’ve often said too much.  It might have been earlier in my career when I was selling or even more recently with my teenagers when their eyes » Read More


Stop greasing these 3 squeaky wheels


“A ‘squeaky wheel’ isn’t the highest priority project. It’s the loudest or most noticed. In many organizations, it gets the grease, while projects with greatest potential to bring about business results get delayed or set aside.” This quote, from the book Everything’s A Project, is playing like a mantra in my thoughts. We focus on squeaky wheels because they are irritating, not because they are important. We want the irritation to go away. But oil isn’t the answer.

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