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Why it is essential for a leader to use the skills and mindset of a negotiator?


What do venture funding, employee reviews, project planning and vendor selection have in common? Let’s put it simply – they call for negotiation and persuasion. Most business meetings are not seen as a negotiation, but they still involve communication and bargaining. The parties involved must reach an agreement and for that to happen they have » Read More


Is There a Leadership Gene?

Is There a Leadership Gene? | Lead Change Group

Subsequent to the mapping of the human genome, a project completed just over a decade ago, we have seen a number of human traits linked to heredity and one of the more recent is the quality of leadership. Quality may not be the appropriate word here. After all, Kim Il Sung, Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan » Read More


Leadership Or…

Leadership Or... | Lead Change Group

I read another article today on the difference between leadership and management. The writer, someone I appreciate, but from the industrial revolution, talked about leadership as a position. People in positions of leadership need the skills of leadership, vision setting, communication, etc. I don’t disagree. However our free-agent age or our age of the individual » Read More


How to Lead a Strong Team Part II

Dale Carnegie Photo

“There is only one way… to get anybody to do anything. And that is by making the other person want to do it.” – Dale Carnegie Whether you believe it or not, being a good leader requires more than telling others what to do. Successful leadership qualities come from training, practice, and true effort. If » Read More


How to Lead a Strong Team Part I


The challenge of every team is to build a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another, because the question is usually not how well each person performs, but how well they work together. — Vince Lombardi Each member of a team has an important role, including the leader. When businesses or projects fail it is » Read More


Before You Choose to Lead: Secret of a Gentleman Rancher


A “Had Been”… It started with dinner on a hot summer evening – great seafood I think…but I can’t remember what I ate, because the conversation was superb. I was dining with Bob, a successful businessman who built from the ground up and owns enterprises in several states. During our conversation, I discovered he had » Read More


A Personal Experience of Leadership and Teamwork in Practice

A Personal Experience In Leadership | Lead Change Group

My Interest in Leadership Over the past weekend I got to experience first-hand some of the characteristics of leadership and teamwork in practice. This was an interesting experience for me as I have a particular interest in Leadership-As–Practice. As a field of study, Leadership-As-Practice addresses how leadership practices are experienced and put into practice in » Read More


10 Tips to Create Engaging Presentations


Good leadership is dependent on good communication. While someone might feel perfectly at ease speaking to a room full of people, his or her presentation skills are what really distinguish a good leader.  We all know the feeling of sitting through a long and dull presentation: our attention and interest for the subject matter get » Read More


5 Tips For The Brand New Leader


This post originally appeared on John’s Coaching Leaders blog. Greetings Leaders! When I entered the Navy as a 26 year old Ensign many years ago, I thought I knew how to lead. I was college educated, had a few years of life experience under my belt and had just finished at the top of my » Read More


10 Things Leaders Can Do To Make A Better World

We have met the enemy, and he is us...

Greetings Leaders! I wake up some mornings, read the headlines and shake my head in bewilderment. War, Budget Crisis, Market Meltdown, Real Estate Crash, Poverty and Scandals. I see these headlines play out almost everyday and often feel a wave of despair flow over me. I often wonder, how did we get here? Where did » Read More

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