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Which Comes First?

chicken and egg

In preparation for an upcoming executive education session, I conducted a quick pulse survey earlier this month. I wanted to understand whether the leaders attending my training believe that there is a difference in the importance of career development to their employees based upon their current level of performance. And they do. A Picture of » Read More


Delegate Desired Results, Not Activities


Why is delegating so dang hard? If you’re anything like me, it’s truly not about relinquishing control that causes so much anguish, but rather the fear of leaving an unknown quality of work in someone else’s hands. Let’s face it, depending on others is scary, but it’s absolutely necessary for growth – yours and theirs! » Read More


The Problem With KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)


Joe (not his real name) began the team meeting by covering the team’s scorecard and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  ”Great work on your sales KPIs, we’re in the top-tier across the board.  We are so close to beating Sharon’s district.  If everyone just sold one more today, I think we can do it! Also, we seem » Read More


Hurry up and decide

JB 10x 15

One of the great challenges of management is the pressure to make decisions – and to do so quickly. Most of us dread the vacuum created when we know a decision needs to be made but for some reason has not been. This existence of such vacuums is indicative of not operating in the NOW » Read More


Measures Give Work Meaning

JB 10x 15

  A few years back I met with a gentleman who was heading the first Lean efforts within a large company. With great pride he showed me the thick binder with all the documents from their initial five Lean projects. I asked him if he would mind sharing with me the initial measurable results of » Read More


Government’s Gotta Work – Link

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Over on the Mass Ingenuity blog, I recently wrote a post about the effectiveness of government. I learned early on that when government doesn’t work it disrupts people’s lives. And when people’s lives are disrupted it turns their world upside down.  When we fail to pay attention to government, or when we try to act like » Read More


“Respect Must Be Earned” – Leaders, Are You Comfortable Being Held to a Higher Standard?

Respect Must Be Earned | Lead Change Group

Bosses, no, I really don’t intend on making you a target of disrespect. Earlier this year I expounded on how much this phrase, “respect must be earned,” bugs me, in the context of a manager to employee relationship — mainly because it can be misinterpreted and give license to immature or unscrupulous managers to treat » Read More


You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be A Leader

Over the years, I have always enjoyed reading articles about some of the great sports coaches. While I’m not a sports fan myself, I find the methods of coaches who consistently produce championship teams very helpful in understanding how to be an effective leader. From Phil Jackson, Pat Riley and John Wooden in Basketball, to » Read More


Just The Way You Are

Above the Crowd

The music, the lyrics, the vocals, the passion… I was moved to emotion. And I remembered one of my favorite quotes: People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou And the song “Just the Way You Are” by » Read More


Your Friends and Your Future

After a considerable search on the Internet, I could find the following quote attributed to several people. It seems Bill Cosby may have said it as the character Dr. Huxtable on the Bill Cosby show. It seems very much “in character.” The quote: “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

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