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The Key to Being Adaptable


If you want to be adaptable you must be willing to let go of the need to know the answer. Why? Because there is rarely one answer: that single right answer to the questions you are being asked and are asking or the right path through the challenges you face. The problem with needing to » Read More


Is It Better to Have a Life Plan or a Life Philosophy?

Much has been written about the importance of a life plan. Even more has been written and promoted about steps to develop one. All of this is positive, but is it the right approach? Life plans without a life philosophy will not survive in the long haul. Life plans set a direction and key objectives » Read More


When Trouble Hits – 8 Ways to Develop Resilience, Options and “Falling Up”


Like me, you know that in order to be successful in life and business you have to develop resilience.  You are probably quite adept at being resilient in most parts of your life.  A friend of mine has this saying whenever things get tough.  “It’s character building.”  A bit of a clique, but unless you » Read More


Driving Diversity: 3 Ways for Leaders to Effectively Navigate Their Workplace


Diversity. Much discussion has surrounded this small but powerful word over the past twenty years in our workplaces. So what is it? Defined at its simplest, diversity it is the sum of differences as well as similarities among and within all people added with the glorious power that comes from that truth. As a force » Read More


Lead Yourself First: The Impressive Impact of Relationship


We are in relationship with everyone we meet, because we are always swapping energy.  Even the guy reading the paper in the adjacent seat on the train might leave an impression as you form an opinion about or sense his energy.  Ok, it’s not much of a relationship, but it is important to know we » Read More


Do you confuse what you do with who you are?

Christina Haxton

What is the first question you are asked when you meet someone at a business or social function?  “Hi, my name is …. What do you do?” If you are the VP, CEO or have another prestigious title, the answer comes automatically and easily often with a tone of pride in your voice. Let’s dissect » Read More


Lids Are Fine For Pots But Not Leadership

Pan with Lid

I recently conducted a leadership retreat for a client company where I introduced a leadership principle that I learned long ago. From John Maxwell’s book, “The 21 Indisputable Laws of Leadership,” I spoke on the Law of the Lid. Frankly, I was a little surprised that no one was familiar with this principle. Simply put, » Read More


Retiring executive? You’d better have your personal succession plan first …

Are you a hero at work and a zero at home?

If you don’t know Jack … you should meet him. Jack is a successful executive who is recently retired at the early age of 52 as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company that made a financial turn around from red to black on his watch.  He was very proud of the achievement … and » Read More


Are You Ready Campaign


What are you ready to lead?  The question has to be asked.  We need everyone to find a place and take the lead! Sonia DiMaulo’s “Are You Ready” Campaign ends on March 31, 2012. It’s not too late to enter to win a great prize pack of gifts to help you grow as a leader. » Read More


10 Things Leaders Can Do To Make A Better World

We have met the enemy, and he is us...

Greetings Leaders! I wake up some mornings, read the headlines and shake my head in bewilderment. War, Budget Crisis, Market Meltdown, Real Estate Crash, Poverty and Scandals. I see these headlines play out almost everyday and often feel a wave of despair flow over me. I often wonder, how did we get here? Where did » Read More

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