Transform One Million Realities

by  Page Cole  |  Leadership Development
Transform One Million Realities

The confetti from New Year’s Eve has been swept up or blown away. You’ve already had enough time to break and reaffirm your New Year’s resolutions. 

Before you know it Valentine’s Day will be here, Spring will have sprung and school will be out. In a year so full of possibilities and fresh potential, what are your dreams for the year?

Maya Angelou once said, “If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.”

This year will fly by, and as you gaze at 2015 in your rear view mirror, you may ask the same question then that you’re asking about 2014 now.

The question is “How am I going to lead myself and my team to transform our fantasies, our dreams, into realities?”

But why wait until 2015 is in the books to ask that question? Let’s start now with these simple tips…

Celebrate Your Mission

  • Your calling may not be unique, but it is unique to you.
  • Life is meant to be embraced. Do something better than anyone, or do something no one else has done.
  • Don’t ever, ever set for dull, average or common. To quote John Keating from The Dead Poet’s Society, “Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.”

Celebrate Your Team

  • Remind your cohorts, whether they are supervisors or the supervised, of things they did as a group that they could not have done individually.
  • Challenge them to invest in each other, with time, resources and creativity. Offer specific ideas, incentives and challenges if you can.
  • Remember, someone is watching and learning how you lead, so the way you celebrate your team could impact people for generations.

Celebrate Your Individuals

  • Look back to individual success examples, and brag on as many of them as you can.
  • Bragging privately to individuals builds self-esteem in them and respect for you, and bragging publicly about the individual to the entire team raises the bar for the organization while building up passion for their own successes.
  • Spotlight individuals throughout the year by recognizing them in print, with awards and if you have the pipes, then do it in song.

Celebrate Your Failures

  • Don’t run from your flops. Laugh if you can, cry if you need to, but celebrate that you tried.
  • Be brief in remembering failures, but long on reminding what you’ve learned from each misstep and catastrophe.
  • Embrace this truth. When you face your failure head on and learn from it, doing so mentors that skill into the life of those you lead.

Celebrate your Industry

  • You and your team provide a special service or product to our way of life- celebrate it.
  • Look to the big changes last year, and in the year to come, and rile your people up about the amazing future you intend to create together.
  • Your team members can & will become the innovators in your industry when they are led well. Be that leader.

Celebrate your Future

  • Point out specific projects, causes or milestones you believe your team can reach.
  • Make the Dream and the Cause something worth working for. Little dreams make for little leaders & little victories
  • The definition of a horizon is simple. It’s the place where Heaven touches earth. It’s the place where sunsets & sunrises remind us to put our past behind us, and that new day awaits us.

One month down in 2015, but a lifetime of possibilities are waiting on you and the people who will be influenced by your leadership this year. Make this the year of “Leading Transformation from Dreams to One Million Realities”.

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What People Are Saying

De  |  30 Jan 2015  |  Reply

Great read! I plan to put several of the things mentioned into practice in my own life, both professionally and personally. Thanks for writing!

Randy Thomas  |  30 Jan 2015  |  Reply

Page, great article! Thanks for reminding me that it is not to late in the New Year to celebrate! I have this little sign in my office for everyone to see, especially me… it reads, “Attitude is Everything… pick a good one!” You are a good “picker” because you have a great attitude.

Tom McCloud  |  30 Jan 2015  |  Reply

There you go, dreaming BIG again Page! No, the article is wonderful. The only other thing I thought of as I read it is the importance of OWNING our past, especially our failures. Though we love to blame the economy or others for our failures, we can’t really move to the next level without owning our past. “Yeah, I blew it there, but here is what I am going to learn from it.”

Bill  |  30 Jan 2015  |  Reply

very good. a great reminder that we work together in teams and that individuals on those teams can do extraordinary things. Thank you

Christian  |  30 Jan 2015  |  Reply

Great article Page. The years do pass by so fast. Setting goals ensures that those years will be memorable and worthwhile.

Jay McSwain  |  31 Jan 2015  |  Reply

Wow! What a great article. As I was reading it I kept thinking so simple, yet so profound. My mind is spinning about the numerous areas I serve and work in that I can implement many of the ideas Page wrote about in the article. Great job!

Dean DeMarra  |  31 Jan 2015  |  Reply

Awesome read! Thanks for the encouragement!

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