When You Hit The "Dip"!

by  Page Cole  |  Leadership Development

“Roller coasters... a thrill ride to some and a terrifying ordeal to others! Our lives can be a lot like a roller coaster ride. One day we’re on the top of the world, and in the next breath the bottom seems to fall out, and we’re terrified about what might be coming around the next turn! So how will you handle life when you drop into one of those inevitable “dips”?


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Jim Seybert Seybert  |  21 Mar 2012  |  Reply

Good reminder – Seth Godin’s book The Dip goes into some detail on how to use dips to propel your activity to new levels. Dips are the right time to jettison stuff that’s weighing you down.

Mike Henry  |  22 Mar 2012  |  Reply

Great comment and reminder Jim. The Dip is a great little book that can help anyone use a dip to take them to a new level. Mike…

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