Why leadership requires prudence and temperance

by  Deborah Mills-Scofield  |  Leadership Development

Courage is an important virtue for leadership. It is critical for leading people, disrupting the status quo and having significant impact.

But I also think two other virtues, prudence and temperance, are also critical for leadership. Of course, I can easily argue that all the virtues are important! Increasingly, leaders are asking me for help with these areas. This may sound paradoxical to courage, but hear me out.

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Keith Tindall  |  07 Feb 2013  |  Reply

Hi Deb, great blog, it does require great courage and many of the virtues as you have mentioned; the most important key is being motivational to those who follow, and lead with a genuine influence. Influence is like throwing a pebble into a pond on a calm sunny day; the action of the pebble creates many ripples far beyond where the pebble entered, the pebble has an influence on the surface of the water, the ripples in turn influence and distort the reflections of the clear day on the surface. Influence in the soul of leadership and journeys to affect many lives from the original leadership influence, just like the pebble. Sincerely Keith

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