15 Lessons from 5 Years of Lead Change Group

In late March, 2009, after 4 months of thinking and planning, I decided to start a leadership consulting business named the Lead Change Group. I also decided to create a group on LinkedIn to connect with like-minded folks and potential prospects.  So on March 30, 2009, I went to the LinkedIn Groups section and clicked a button.  That click began a journey that has changed my life.

  1. Doing trumps thinking, talking, intending, pondering, meditating, challenging, organizing, managing, and a host of other “ing” words.
  2. The first "do" is only meaningful if you keep doing. Let what you’ve done challenge you to take the next step. Starting is always harder than continuing.
  3. Your vision pulls you forward. What you've done pushes and what you dream pulls. Your dream can pull you to an audacious future.
  4. Force rank your dreams. Discipline is knowing what you want. Don't waste time too far down the list. (Click to Tweet)
  5. Dream big. Big dreams pull harder, longer. My initial dreams about a coaching business weren’t big enough to pull me through the dip.
  6. Don’t compromise on your dream. Expand your horizon (timeline) or ask for help rather than give up. (Click to Tweet!)
  7. In fact, Never give up. Shortages of money and time can’t stop you unless you let them. Every time you do something you might not otherwise have done, we both win.
  8. Do something every day. If you get done early, do something else.
  9. Don’t complain about what didn’t work. Learn and move on.
  10. The most ubiquitous mistake is doing nothing. Screw up in gear. (Click to tweet!)
  11. Learn for something. Share, teach. You can complain about the pothole or tell someone about it. Don’t just fix your own flat tire and keep going.
  12. Don’t compete. Waste no energy in a scarcity-based mindset. Your only competition is our own tendency toward passivity and mediocrity. Steven Pressfield called that tendency the Resistance.
  13. The world needs all the character-based leaders it can get. Take responsibility for your sphere of influence, starting with yourself. Make yourself and your world the best it can be and you will inspire others.
  14. You don’t need permission. You have permission. Find a way to make your world better.

And a final note, number 15: Anyone can lead same. Our world needs you to lead change.[Tweet "Anyone can lead same. Our world needs you to #LeadChange."]

I'm grateful for the lessons I've learned and the people I've met. Thank you. We can make our world better. There are millions of good people who just need some exposure and some inspiration.

You've read to here because you're already one of those people; ready to share and inspire.  Please add your voice. What would you tell someone who just found this post from Google?  What have you learned about leadership in the last 5 years?  All of us are smarter than any one of us. Please share your thoughts and ideas below.  Thanks for being part of the revolution!

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