Sociologists of the future will likely look back at the period we are living through right now, labeling it as a time of profound change in the way humans communicate.  Each year, new methods, modes, and media are introduced... morphing the way information gets shared. Lines among formerly distinct forms of communication are now blurred, creating innovative, next-generation opportunities.

For example, what’s the alternative to boring instruction? Edutainment: the blend of education and entertainment. When is a book not a book? When it’s an enhanced ebook that links to the worldwide web? And what’s the future of the long-standing interview format? 33Voices.

Founded by visionary Moe Abdou, this ‘global conversation about things that matter in business and life’ goes far beyond the traditional audio file. I had the pleasure of participating in the 33Voices ‘next generation’ interview - a robust, focused conversation that’s then ‘visualized’ and boiled down to big ideas and a netted out slideshare deck. (You can see - as well as hear - it here.)

Innovations like what’s happening at 33Voices will continue to inspire new and different blends, blurred lines, and next generation options than we can’t even yet imagine.

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