Being a Better Leader through Public Speaking

When holding a leadership position in an organization, it is important to be a good public speaker.  Not only is this important to be able to get your points across clearly, but because it improves credibility as a leader.  Situations where public speaking is required can range from simply speaking up at a meeting, to pitching a brand new idea to a huge conference.  Here are public speaking tips to help you become the best you can possibly be when addressing others, making you a better leader in turn.

Preparation is a crucial step in order to give a warmly received presentation.  Knowing your audience is extremely important so that you are able to tailor the delivery to fit the needs and knowledge base of the specific group.  Come up with a unique way to present your material in the beginning to have your listeners intrigued and excited to hear about your topic.  Similarly, have a memorable closing that will leave listeners feeling like they have learned a great wealth of valuable information.

Having a fear of public speaking can hinder many people’s ability to present effectively in public. The main way to cure this is to prepare in advance and practice. Having an individual you trust listen to your presentation will help to give confidence and tips on improving for the future. Making sure you know and understand the material you are trying to convey will help give you the confidence needed to succeed.

Speaking clearly and slowly are two very simple but extremely efficient ways to give an effective presentation.  Doing this will allow your audience to hear what you are saying and give them time to comprehend and remember the content.  Speaking slowly also will give you some time to think about what you are saying so you do not have to rely on fillers or awkward pauses while thinking.

Preparing, practicing and speaking clearly are all great ways to ensure a successful presentation. It is important to do all of these no matter how large or small the audience is because you never know who may be watching and the influence they may have.  By being a great public speaker, you can define your role as a predominant leader, and give yourself that needed edge to succeed in the future.

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