Beyond New Year's Resolutions: Building on Your Leadership Success

The new year brings great opportunities for resolutions, goals, commitments and planning.  Some great thought leaders have been sharing insights and inspiration on how to approach this important time.

John Bossong inspires us to "create a new finish line,"

"Create a new finish line. That’s what you can do in the New Year.  Who cares what happened in 2012 that didn’t work out.  You failed.  So what. You learned. You grew. Every failure was an opportunity, right?  Or is it just a failure?"

Ben Lichtenwalner shares a useful list of potential resolutions for leaders in his post New Year's Resolutions for Leaders.

I also wrote on the topic, Discard and Replenish:  What Will You Stop Doing in 2013? 

I believe in taking time to rest and reflect. I believe in  New Year' Resolutions. I have a nice list for 2013 as well.

What worries me, however, is that when we focus so much on what we MUST CHANGE, we can easily  overlook what is working well.  What MUST WE CONTINUE?

And so as you are moving forward with your New Year's Resolution Implementation Plan, I also encourage you to ensure you have stopped to consider the following questions:

  • What was your biggest leadership contribution in 2012?
  • Whose life did you most impact?  How?
  • What is your team most grateful for? Why?
  • Which of your  leadership strengths were most important in 2012?  Why?
  • How can you continue to build on those strengths?
  • In what areas did you grow the most?
  • What did you do to create positive change?
  • What did you learn?  How do you know that learning will stick?
  • ?

Growth involves change.  Growth also involves understanding what is working so you can replicate it.

What must you continue in 2013?

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