Birds of a Feather

Nicole DeFalco of Write Influence and her blog, Saying What You Mean published a wonderful post about the Lead Change Group last week. If you haven't seen it, please click over right now and read it.  Nicole is a writing coach and you can tell it from the well-written article. She's also a member of the group, making a difference by doing what she could to help.  She can't attend LeaderPalooza this year so she thought she would help us with the effort.  (If you might want to attend, click here!)

The article makes the case that social media is one of the "new" things that can be utilized to solve old problems. The post is about how leaders respond to changes in the world around them and how we have a responsibility to steward:

Leaders have a responsibility to understand what this newer frontier is about and how it can be leveraged to  better serve customers, contribute to the community, benefit the world at large, and advance the organization’s interest.

She goes further to use our group as a case in point.

The Lead Change Group is just one example of how Social Media can be leveraged to achieve a targeted objective.

Thank you Nicole, for the wonderful post.  I hope we all take your lead and do what we can to influence others by taking responsibility for our leadership in the social media world and by the beauty and energy of our character. Let's make the world a better place, on leader at a time!

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