Building Effective Teams: Manage Team Conflict by Clear Delegation

Do you ever wish there was one more day in the week?  Does your job seem like a Black Hole? Does it seem like you can’t get things accomplished because people get in the way?  The Transformational Leader learns to manage time and manage conflict by building effective teams.

Define ways that teamwork can free up your time for the specific tasks that only you can do and free up for visionary leadership, preparation and study.  Identify areas that could be delegated such as getting the doughnuts, writing and sending news releases, implementing the plans for team meetings or any other area that utilize the ability and time of your team.  Some of these are predictable and repeatable while some are creative.  A key point is to be flexible in the way plans are implemented.  It doesn’t have to be done exactly your way to be good, does it?  A Transformational Leader creates the vision and leads the process while mentoring and nurturing those whom they lead.

Effective teamwork depends on effective leadership skills.  Having a clear vision of the concept of teamwork is the beginning.  There are many things that are not appropriate for teams to deal with.  The leader must decide what projects could, in fact, be team projects. Then it is essential to build the right team.  This process requires discipline on the part of the leader to take the necessary time and to do the necessary steps to insure the success of the team.  Teams can be formally or informally structured.  Teams can be short-term or ongoing. The parameters must be clearly defined.

Create a clear set of goals based on the vision for the organization that are consistent with the core values of the organization. The Transformational Leader continues to develop and strengthen the leadership skills for all leaders on the team in order to manage conflict and maintain momentum in all processes.

Be the leader, in fact, be the leader of leaders. The Transformational Leader creates leader on teams and develops strategies for their success.

If the team you lead is successful, then you, as their leader, are ultimately successful!

Photo CC NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

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