Can We Really Trust You?

How Did This Happen?

We were enjoying a breezy summer day in the Colorado mountains many years ago…

Our team of teachers and high school students had just finished a rafting trip, changed into fresh clothes, and loaded up our convoy of vans to head out to our hotel.

And I was leading.

I confidently led our convoy out of the parking lot and onto a frontage road that ran parallel to the highway before crossing over and merging – or so I thought.

With the other drivers in tight formation behind me, I led the team up a hill, but as I crested the hill and began descending the other side, it looked like the road was narrowing.

I slowed a bit, but kept going – we were in the mountains after all and roads aren’t always built perfectly.

But as I continued down the hill, the asphalt became just wide enough for one vehicle…until it took a sharp right and disappeared out of sight under the highway. And then I saw it… [Read More]

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