Community's Forth Dimension

Social media entered another dimension this past weekend. At least for me.  It took on a third dimension, and a fourth!

I met 13 members of the Lead Change Group face to face this past weekend at LeaderPalooza.  The third dimension was the people. What a great group of new comrades-in-arms.  The fourth dimension is the tangible creative energy that the group ignited in my spirit.

I took away 4 ideas from LeaderPalooza:

  1. I'm not alone. People share the same passion I have for leadership that inspires commitment rather than commanding compliance. The War on Apathy has new resources!
  2. People voluntarily contribute (much!) more than you'd ever command. These 13 people energized and inspired me. I'm honored by their contribution; no rather their ownership.
  3. Inspiration is contagious!  WOO HOO! People are drawn to relationships where they're valued and their contribution matters. We need to remember this when we're interacting with everyone, our kids, our vendors, people who disagree with us or disappoint us, and everyone else.  Find people who are open to new relationships and invest in them. Consider others more important than yourself.  You'll be amazed at what results.
  4. We can make a difference! We're doing it already.  Erin posted an article titled "Leadership Conference? Not Hardly! This Was Absolutely a Palooza " and Monica wrote a post "Otheresteem for Leaders" energizing and encouraging us to step up and keep things going.  I know Jane, Sonia and Susan* are working on them as well.  Steve put the red filing cabinets out for everyone to see at work. (You had to be there.)  Mark took action to infuse his values into his relationships.  Chris is making a stand in a challenging industry and helping with group organization.  Deb put together a list of leadership resources for her students. Don made a change in a call with a client.  David is connecting people and making a difference. Jim is helping various members of the group. Fanny is taking the message of character-based leadership overseas. Everyone is doing something.

We each committed to make progress every day. We all committed that the idea wouldn't die.  That's quite a commitment. But we don't want you to read this post in 6 months and wonder what happened.  We intend to instigate a movement and we commit to publicize the impact of this conference every day through the way we live.  When one of us slows down, there are 14 more that can pick us up.

"Consider others more important than than yourselves." (Philippians 2:3)

The first rule of character-based leadership - it must be delivered in the flesh.  You can no more lecture character-based leadership into someone than you can lecture ice skating, a golf swing or a 3-point jump shot.  We must improve our own character every day and lead from the depth of who we are, rather than what our title is.  Depth of character, compassion for others, and commitment to excellence inspire others to believe in shared goals and give their best.

"Do or do not. There is no try." Yoda

If you couldn't come, don't second-guess or beat yourself up.  You did what you had to do. Get ready and take the next shot.  Forget what lies behind and reach forward to what lies ahead.  In the world of social media, and character-based leadership, the frontier is immense. When you get your next shot, take it. Invest in a life.

For those of us who were there, let's remember what happened and use that to launch a new future.  Character-based leadership must begin with us.  Our next meeting will be another new experience.  Let's not wait a year.

And for everyone, be watching for an announcement about Lead Change Roundtables. These will be like a CEO RoundTable or advisory board, but for the purpose of deepening our character and making a positive difference. If you'd like more information, head over to the Contact form and drop us a line.

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