Crowdsourced from Our Instigators: What Are You Giving Away?

"We give energy, even life, to our world when we take the best of who we are and give it away." ~Mike Henry, Chief Instigator of the Lead Change Group.

Inspired by this quote, I asked our instigators the following questions: What is the best of who you are? How are you giving it away.

Here are a few responses, gathered on Facebook:

From Chery Gegelman: My greatest gift is understanding. I give that gift away daily with family, friends, neighbors, customers, and on #SoMe. By listening, sharing stories, sharing hard-learned lessons, passing on wisdom from others and often including a link to a favorite song, and a hug.

From David DyeThe best of who I am is a caring teacher and guide. I give that away when I help leaders find their path and become their best self. I've endeavored to build a business around this work. Many days it feels like my entire business plan is: "Be me." 

From Don Shapiro I'm always asking a lot of why questions. People say I often ask questions about things they've never considered. The more curious I am, the more that I help people to discover more about themselves, their world and their organizations. So I guess I help people discover more through my curious nature. This lead me to a personal realization during the last three years about what I like doing best in my work. I love doing research more than anything else yet I was not consciously aware of that until recently. When we align ourselves with who we really are, we can give so much more and truly make a positive difference in this world.

From Jon MertzI enjoy digging into topics and going beneath the surface of them. In doing this, I spark and facilitate conversations. Listening and getting others to add their perspectives engages a larger community more fully, and we all leave ready (hopefully) to carry the conversations and insights into other places with other people. An ignited community!

From Paul LaRueI have felt called to encourage people to believe they can change and influence change. The more I set myself aside and serve others - even in my family - the more excited I get. There are many who need others to hope and believe in themselves; it would be remiss to ignore that need in their lives. A little encouragement can go a long way in an organization, society, and a life. I'm excited to be part of a group that feels the same desire!

From Karin HurtMy gift is energy which I find is contagious. The more I give away the more it multiplies in myself and others.

From Mary Schaefer:  My commitment to telling the truth. I will always be working on doing it in a way that people can hear it.

From Deb Costello I am often surprised by what people think I know or can do, but every day people teach me what the best of me is. When I am asked for my time, my expertise, or my opinion, I am inspired to say yes, to serve, to give back.

Monica Diaz shared a great concluding thought: The best of who we are is always better expressed by giving it away. There is no way to reach your full potential without service to others.

What will you give away, today, to bring energy and life to the world?

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