Dallas Lead Change Meetup

About a year ago, we started a local lunch group to discuss character-based leadership topics. It takes time to gain momentum and patience helps. As we look to our meeting next week, the group is really starting to take shape.

Erin Schreyer (@ErinSchreyer) and I met through Lead Change and started the group. We call it Authentic Leadership Dallas. Who are we?

Authentic Leadership Dallas is a community to encourage sharing, discussion and the growth of character-based leaders. Authentic leaders understand WHAT you are is less important than having the clarity and ability to leverage the best of WHO you are. We strive to have a positive impact on business results and the people around us by serving with strengths, remaining true to values and character, communicating effectively and always leading with integrity. Authentic leaders seek to add value and make a difference with every interaction. Let’s start the conversation...

If you live in the Dallas, Texas, area, join us the third Tuesday of every month. To learn more about our meeting next week, keep track of us on Meetup – Authentic Leadership Dallas.


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