Discover your Leadership Voice

Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom.”~ Jim Rohn

Wisdom comes only with time as we reflect upon our experiences, synthesize our learning, practice patience and uplift ourselves to a new beginning. The journey of leadership is an inner quest to discover who you really are and what you care about.

It’s a process of self-examination that you find your authentic voice needed to lead others. Your leadership voice has to come from the inside out. Leadership expert, Stephen Covey said that we need to win the private victories before we can win the public victories. Leadership is an inside job!

Ask yourself daily-

  • Why do I want to be a leader?
  • Who am I as a leader?
  • Why do I behave as I do?

The leader who understands himself or herself and who does not fear sharing their strengths, gifts, weaknesses is on the path to becoming a great leader. Your self-discovery is really the awareness of and faith of your own power to lead yourself first. These personal powers become clear and strong only if you are willing to develop and work on them. The mastery and growth of your leadership impact is the mastery of your inner voice. When you are willing to develop and explore your gifts inside whether success of failure, you are making a commitment to grow as a leader.

You can and should shape your own future; because if you don’t someone else will.

Becoming a leader is a process of internal self-discovery. If you want to be a leader, it’s essential you begin to articulate an uplifting vision and strong principles that would take you to a very rewarding path to lead others. You must begin by reflecting on character values and timeless principles which will determine your leadership authenticity. By becoming a leader, you are setting the tone for your relationships. Your relationships at home, work and the community will be largely determined by how well you lead yourself. Our relationships are the mirrors of our leadership. If we lead in a kind, caring and compassionate way-so will our relationships be.

The people you lead want to know who you are as a person and a leader. People want to know your values and principles, what you really care about, and what keeps you energized as a leader. They want to know your story. How did you become a leader and why do you want to lead them. They want to know what drives you, what makes you happy, and what ticks you off. It’s a practice every potential leader can try by sharing the experiences that shaped your attitude and prepared you to become a leader.

Most importantly, you have to be authentic. People don’t like a phony! People want to know what your favorite sport is, whether you like going to the movies or enjoy outdoor activities. They want to know about your family, what you have done and where you’ve traveled. In other words, they want to know your personal story. After all, why should they follow you?

Developing your leadership capacity is not about collection a bunch of leadership and management information. It’s leading out of what already exists in your heart and soul. It’s about empowering the leader within you. It’s about finding your true voice and sharing it with others. It’s about listening to your heart and doing the right thing.

In exploring your inner voice, you pave the way for authentic higher self that can only inspire and motivate others to do the same. Don’t be afraid to take the first steps along this journey of making a difference in a world that needs it.

As you find your leadership voice, take the time to help others find theirs.  According to John Maxwell, leadership expert, helping other people to lead means:

  • I value them
  • I commit time to them
  • I mentor them
  • I equip them
  • I empower them