Dream Baby Dream!

What occupies your mind? Do you let your free thoughts meander or do you direct them? Which is better, do you think? As a child, we most likely chased our dreams in a free flow of thought. Dreams were certainly more exciting than listening to our parents tell us what we to do, how to behave, what NOT to do, what chores to do, what was wrong with our toys lying everywhere, what consequences were lying in wait if we broke the rules, "yadayadayada"...

Chasing our dreams kept us from being unbearably bored in school when the teacher lectured us or when we did our school work or later when we did our homework.

Our dreams led us into exciting adventures where we were the hero, the winner of all, the prized and

[caption id="attachment_7159" align="alignright" width="240"] Ah...the places I can go and things I can do.[/caption]

revered soul among others. We found ourselves in imaginary lands, conquering unreal beasts with weapons or with goodness, bending reality to our own way, winning all that our hearts desired - fabulous wealth with everything we could dare hope to buy, beautiful lands to explore and be lost in, or our beloved soul mate - that perfect person to share our life with who adored us beyond reason.

Things change for adults. Some give up their dreams because they fail to make them real - perhaps too much dreaming and not enough doing. Some give up their dreams because something terrible happens - death of someone treasured, destruction from mother nature, devastation from war, deep and wrenching loss. Others give up their dreams, treating them as "child's play" - something that adults shouldn't do.

Some never give up their dreams and pursue them relentlessly. These persons invent the things we use everyday like iPhones or Androids, or build companies known the world over like Wal-Mart or MacDonald, or create music, art, dance, theatre, TV, movies that move us, inspire us, change a piece of us, touch our hearts. And let's not forget those who care for us in ways that save us from ourselves, from our illnesses, from our poverty, from our ignorance, from our bad choices. And especially, let's not forget those who lay down their lives for us. We would not have what we have today, or be who we are if it weren't for those who pursued their dreams.

Have you lost hope that you will ever fulfill your heart's desire? Losing hope happens to all of us at some point in our lifetime, and yet hope and dreams are inbuilt - they are an undeniable part of us throughout our lifetime. No matter what age you are, how young or how old you are, how many dreams you have not realized, or how many attempts you have made - you must never, ever, no never give up your hope for the life experiences and outcomes that you want.

The more you focus your thoughts on making your dream real, the more you draw in the answers for how to do it. But don't give up. If you give up on your dreams, you give up on yourself. So just do it! Take the journey to the dream of your lifetime.

What dream have you realized? What dream is not yet real? What is your "dream" story?
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