Employee Appreciation Day

March 7 is National Employee Appreciation Day.

Do you feel appreciated for the work you do?

If you are not feeling the love at work, you’re not alone.

According to a recent GloboForce study of 653 survey respondents, 36% of employees reported they do not feel appreciated for the work they do.

This is more than one-third of the workforce.

In my coaching practice, a feeling for lack of appreciation has been the driving topic with many of my clients.

I get it.  It’s not a warm, cozy feeling when you work day in and day out and not feel appreciated for the work you do.

Clients often feel like they’re in a rut.  Many talk about leaving, but when financial obligations exist, or you have a number of years invested with the organization, the choices are not always clear-cut.

So what are your options if you’re not feeling appreciated?   There are several:

Do Nothing

This is by far the easiest choice.  There is no moving outside the comfort zone.  However, keep in mind doing nothing is often more costly than making a change.

For example, consider how doing nothing may be affecting your health, your relationships, even your happiness at home.

Quit Your Job

Unless you have something else lined up, this is not a good short-term solution.  Besides, there is still a 64% chance you will end up in the same situation.

Working with difficult bosses is a critical skill to master, but career success is built upon how one manages difficult situations.

Change your Perception

You may not be able to change the situation at work, but you can certainly change your perception of the situation.

Never lose sight that you are more than your job.

For example, if you were to write a 150-word bio, would it start as, “I am (fill in position) for a mid-size organization.  I live in…..  I am married with….

Or, would you start by writing, “I am married with three…and finish with your position at work?

Always remember you are more than just the work you do.

Become Self-Motivated

Does the thought of Monday morning demotivate you?  Although a boss can be a big de-motivator, he probably is not a good motivator.  Intrinsic motivation comes from within.

Ask yourself, what is it that your job is allowing you to do after work?  Consider what are the fruits of your labor.

Learn to be Present

Are you spending your work hours worrying about something in the past or fretting about the future?

When we learn to be present, we move from reacting automatically to having more choices about how we respond.

Yoga, meditation, mindful walking, and body scans are all exercises that can help us learn to stay in the present.

Master Time Management

There is a direct correlation between stress and time management. By using time management skills effectively, you become more in control of your time.

By being more productive, you are also ensuring time to relax outside work.

Create a Calming Workspace

Give your eyes something pleasant to look at other than your phone and computer.  If possible, add some photos, posters or a plant in your area.

Make sure to keep your area organized so you feel more in control.   More control, less stress.  You will begin to appreciate yourself more.

Turn off at the end of the day

Just like a diamond, you’re multifaceted.  Work is just one side of the life you live.  If you’ve given your best at work, give yourself a pat on the back and then turn yourself off at the end of the day.

Influence the culture

Finally, take the lead and start appreciating others, even your boss.  You will be amazed how others will catch on and begin reciprocating compliments. Good intentions are contagious.

Although your boss may not recognize March 7 as National Employee Appreciation Day, if you are giving the best you have, there is no reason not to find a way to reward yourself.

You deserve it!

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