Employee Appreciation: Good Leadership Through Service

Good businesses are run by good people. You can throw around as many buzzwords as you like, but when it all comes down to it, it is the people who make the company. A good leader recognizes that, and knows that whatever they do, they are nothing without their employees. In fact, the way that a company works is somewhat cyclical. A good group of employees is needed to lay the groundwork, but a good leader is needed to transform that group of employees from a group of individuals into a cohesive team. Neither can work without the other, and both are needed to produce the results needed to create any successful business.

So to run a successful business, you need both a leader, and some people to be led. But how do you create an environment of mutual respect and recognition? When you are the boss, it can be hard to know how to strike that all-important balance between being liked, and respected. How then, do you create the sort of atmosphere that is result-driven, but also amicable and relaxed? It is a hard task to take on, but quite simple to accomplish.


Service. The word itself evokes a number of meanings, all of which can be applied to a professional setting. Selflessness, hard work, dedication to a cause; all of these words are typified by “service.” In order for any business to be successful, service needs to be at the heart of the company’s mission statement. Every employee needs to be dedicated to the cause of the company, and put everything that they have into their work, and it all starts at the top.

Serving your company requires passion and commitment. That kind of dedication is something that often cannot be built from just a company name. Loyalty to a company often grows from loyalty to the people with whom you work. When you can put a name behind the logos and paperwork, that is when you find something that you truly care about, and a company for which you want to give your best effort.

But How?

Good businesses have spent years perfecting the best ways to create an atmosphere of service into their work environment. For most employers, this means regularly showing your employees that their hard work is appreciated. This doesn’t have to be forced or condescending. It can be as simple as offering good employees regular raises, promotions, or other service awards. In return, dedicated employee service is borne out of this kind of show of appreciation. Once again we see how the successful running of a company is comprised of mutual respect and appreciation.

It cannot be overstated. Good leadership is the accumulation of a number of skills and an open mind. But if you really want a company to be successful, you had better make it one for which people want to work. That is the secret recipe behind the success of most fortune 500 companies. Just ask Google, or Facebook, or Starbucks, or...well, you get the idea!

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