How to Improve Good Communication Skills

One of the core qualities that a leader requires in any scenario is the ability to communicate effectively. You need to be authoritative, persuasive, and attentive to communicate as a leader effectively. Leaders are responsible for the strategic planning of the organization’s next steps, while their subjects are responsible for the implementation of the plans prepared by the leaders.

Leaders need to develop effective ways of communicating these instructions for this to happen. The following list outlines how to improve communication skills as a leader.

Learn the Art of Nonverbal Communication

Effective leaders use the right words combined with the right gestures to deliver powerful messages that inspire a performance from the intended audience. What should they communicate, and how will they use gestures to communicate it effectively? Leaders use eye contact to communicate authoritatively and draw attention. As a leader, you may use strategic pauses during a presentation to emphasize a point. You can use the space of the room by leaning in or walking during speeches to bring out different themes during a speech.

Improve Your Audibility and Learn How to Use Different Tones

To communicate as a leader, you have to learn the right tone to use during different instances in which you are required to interact with your inferiors. Audibility is a crucial quality during presentations, while mastering tonal variation can be useful in improving your persuasion skills in your quest of how to develop your communication skills as a leader.

Learn How to Maximize Visual Communication

Whereas it is essential to ensure that you do not become over-dependent on them, visual aids like PowerPoint presentations or charts are a useful tool of communication. When used correctly, visual communication can inform and accentuate the points that you are trying to communicate. A well-design presentation by a leader would include visual aids that remind the speaker and the audience of the flow of content that is being presented by the leader, but most of the information would come directly from the speaker.

Always Prepare

Prior preparation for a meeting or presentation allows for a smooth flow of content from a leader. It enables you to correctly structure the conversation while strategically positioning your critical points in areas where they will have the most impact on your communication. Preparation also does away with anxiety.

Learn How to Listen and Engage Your Audience

To be an effective leader, you need to be able to extract feedback from your juniors. Effective leaders are not just authoritative and intimidating; they make meetings and presentations engaging and lively. That way, they get to extract information concerning the instructions or ideas previously communicated.

Learn the Art of Extemporary Speaking

Extemporary speaking is the act of making impromptu speeches either from ideas that were previously developed or from general knowledge. Communication from leaders should not feel like lessons from a lecturer where he dictates from a text-book. As a leader, you should learn how to express your ideas without referring to a written text. You can use bulleted points in a note to remind you of the ideas you wish to communicate to your audience. This skill will allow you to freely speak whether you have had time to prepare or not.

Record Presentations and Ideas for Posterity

As a leader, chances are that the instructions you give or the presentations you make are routinely repeated. If you are a supervisor, you will need to train a new batch of employees; as a manager, you will need to make speeches about production or sales that you have made before. When you record the speeches and ideas of your current presentations, you will require less time to prepare for similar speeches in the future. The communication will come naturally.

All the listed activities will help you communicate like a leader and develop you into a better speaker, but the most effective one of them all is that you have to practice.

Good communication skills for effective leadership develop with time. Every speech that you give will develop you into a better speaker than what you are today.


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