July 2016 Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome to the July 2016 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival!

Although mid-summer is a time when many of us slow down (as we should), this compilation of excellent cutting-edge leadership thinking will help motivate you to hit the ground running when your vacation or other summer relaxation period ends.

Let's Get Started

Art Petty of About Money Management and Leadership provided Reinventing the Organization and Leadership for a Digital Era. Art writes, "The emerging digital and technology-driven world demands that we rethink everything about how we manage, lead, structure and run our organizations. It also challenges us to rethink our own approach to leveling up in our career. In this article, I explore 7 key characteristics of organizations that will survive and thrive in this era." Discover Art on Twitter at @artpetty.

Beth Beutler of H.O.P.E. Unlimited provided Com-MIT to Your Most Important Thing. Beth recaps, "Feeling overwhelmed? While you may feel like you have many important things to do, there should be one or two that stand out. Focus on those." Find Beth on Twitter at @bethbeutler.

Chris Edmonds of the Purposeful Culture Group contributed Do What Great Bosses Do . Chris summarizes: "Great bosses inspire growth, ensure accountability, spur teamwork and more. What more does a great boss do?" Follow Chris on Twitter at @scedmonds.

Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership provided How to Manage Yourself so Your Boss Won't Have To. Dan recaps, "Here's a simple model that can be used to teach leaders how to “let go” and empower their employees to make their own decisions." Locate Dan on Twitter at @greatleadership.

David Grossman of The Grossman Group shared  The Secret Respectfully Authentic Leaders Know. This post explores how respectful authenticity is about this constant process of being truthful – first with yourself and then with others.  To say the things that need to be said.  And to do it in a kind and respectful way.  Being authentic isn’t about saying whatever you think or feel. Discover David on Twitter at @thoughtpartner.

Jill Malleck of Epiphany at Work contributed How do you change when your leader changes?. Jill shares, "Many people find themselves – or put themselves – in a precarious position when their familiar leader leaves the company. Here are some tips to ensure you don’t get distracted from the importance of realigning with the new boss." Find Jill on Twitter at @epiphanyatwork.

Jennifer Molina of the Institute for Corporate Productivity, Inc. (i4cp) provided Nearly 70%of Executive Teams Use Workforce Analytics. Jennifer shares, "Nearly 70% of executive teams use workforce analytics to make strategic business decisions. The Institute for Corporate Productivity and ROI Institute have released the results of a new research study, which looks at positive trends and the state of human capital analytics. The study features case studies on Google, LinkedIn, HSBC, and Intel." Tweet i4cp at @i4cp.

Jesse Lyn Stoner of the Seapoint Center shared The 4 Decision Styles: When to Involve Others in Decisions. Jesse Lyn recaps, "Leaders are called to make countless decisions each day and must determine which to make on their own and when to involve others. Most people are guided by personal preference. Some are naturally decisive and others prefer dialogue. You actually have 4 choices, and being intentional about when to make decisions on your own and when to involve others can save you a lot of time and headaches." Follow Jesse Lyn on Twitter at @JesseLynStoner.

Jim Taggart of Changing Winds contributed Effective Leaders Execute. Jim summarizes: "This is a story about a rural-born and raised country girl who though hard work and adversity rose to become one of Canada’s most respected CEOs. Her ability to connect with people yet also focus on achieving results sets her apart from many other corporate leaders. Meet Annette Verschueren." Find Jim on Twitter at @72keys.

Joel Garfinkle of the Career Advancement Blog submitted 4 Ways to Develop Effective Working Relationships. Joel recaps: "Paul just got a new job in which he is overseeing a staff of twenty people. The culture of his new company encourages building of relationships, connecting and caring. Here are 4 ways that Paul can begin to immediately learn how to develop and build working relationships." Discover Joel on Twitter at @JoelGarfinkle.

John Hunter shared Support Theatre. John summarizes, "Support theatre provides the appearance of supporting customers when in fact it is just treating customers poorly based on a management system that disrespects customers. It is a similar idea to security theatre." Find John on Twitter at @curiouscat_com.

Jon Mertz of Thin Difference contributed Career Chapters: The Next One. Jon shares, "No storyline is straight and narrow. Jon Mertz shares the chapters of his career story and why it's important to exhibit patience and let a story develop." Follow Jon on Twitter at @thindifference.

Julie Baron of The Thought Board shared CEO's Share Best Advice Received. Julie writes, " It’s not uncommon for leaders to say they made it to the top with the help of some great advice along the way. So we asked some of our friends with CEO titles, “What’s the best advice you have ever received?” Learn from leaders in marketing, HR technology, structural engineering, corporate catering, innovation consulting, entrepreneurial education, benefits administration, and construction." Discover The Thought Board on Twitter at @commwrks.

Julie Winkle-Giulioni of Julie Winkle-Giulioni submitted Leadership Advice…for the Ages (ALL Ages).  Julie summarizes, "Despite the popular media’s focus on differences among the generations, recent research suggests that when it comes to workplace priorities and beliefs, we share far more similarities than differences. And this is good news for leaders who understand and can appeal to what all employees have in common." Find Julie on Twitter at @julie_wg.

Karin Hurt of Let's Grow Leaders contributed One Common Interviewing Mistake that will Cost You the Job. Karin recaps, "It’s important to show passion for the job you aspire to—not just the title or the perks. But don’t cross the line of sounding desperate." Follow Karin on Twitter at @letsgrowleaders.

Lisa Kohn of Chatsworth Consulting Group submitted Why a Pink Flamingo is an Essential Leadership Tool. Lisa summarizes, "There are many essential leadership skills, and bringing a sense of lightness to the teams and organizations (and families) we lead is certainly one of them." Find Lisa on Twitter at @thoughtfulldrs.

Marcella Bremer of Leadership and Change Magazine shared Christian Felber and the Economy for the Common Good. Marcella describes the post: "What is the role of a company in the universe? It is to serve the common good, says Christian Feller. His scorecard checks whether products are meaningful, sold ethically, produced in a sustainable way, and so on. How are you contributing to the common good? And your organization?" Locate Marcella on Twitter at @marcellabremer.

Miki Saxon of MAPping Company Success contributed Ducks in a Row: Millennials (and Everybody) Need Quiet. Miki writes, "Talent attraction and retention are critical to success. New research shows that it's not necessarily fancy perks, a la Google, that attracts and keeps great talent, but something that costs far less and can be more creatively supplied." Discover Miki on Twitter at @optionsanity.

Neal Burgis of Burgis Successful Solutions submitted Leaders Allowing Employees to Break Rules for Creativity. Neal recaps, "Leaders of creative and innovative businesses and organizations always have rules put in place. They know that employees will over-step these rules in order to generate great ideas, create and produce them for breakthrough results. By doing so, leaders have some control of their employees and the work they do." Find Neal on Twitter at @exec_solutions.

Paul LaRue of The UPwards Leader contributed 5 Ways to be a Buffer in a Negative Culture. Paul summarizes, "A great leader showed how to create a positive culture in the midst of a negative one." Follow Paul on Twitter at @paul_larue.

Paula Kiger of Perspicacity submitted 3 Work Lessons from Early Intervention. Paula shares, "Have you ever had to raise an issue with someone who reports to you? Although there is no way to eliminate the anxiety, which is part of the process anytime feedback is given, one key is to have clear lines of communication all of the time, not just at feedback time." Discover Paula on Twitter at @biggreenpen.

Randy Conley of Leading With Trust shared 3 Ways To Be Everyone’s Favorite Manager. Randy writes, "Management is a tough gig and at times it can seem like you’re always playing the role of the bad guy. It doesn’t have to be that way, says Randy Conley, and in this article he shares three practical ways you can become everyone’s favorite manager." Find Randy on Twitter at @randyconley.

Shelley Row of Shelley Row submitted Walk a Labyrinth to Learn Leadership Discipline. In this piece, Shelley shares observations and lessons about leadership that she gleaned while walking a labyrinth. Discover Shelley on Twitter at @shelleyrow.

Susan Mazza of Random Acts of Leadership provided 3 Things Leaders Need to Know About Forgiveness. Susan explains, "Trust is a leader’s currency, and the willingness to forgive and the courage to responsibly ask for forgiveness sets the value of that currency. Said another way, without forgiveness trust is fragile." Follow Susan on Twitter at @susanmazza.

Tanveer Naseer of Tanveer Naseer shared Understanding What Drives Us To Push Ahead. Tanveer asks, "How do we motivate our employees – and ourselves – when the focus is simply on getting today's work done?" Find Tanveer on Twitter at @tanveernaseer.

Tom Magness of Leader Business contributed Break Out the Books…and Sharpen the Pencils! Tom summarizes, "This post highlights the importance of leaders in two critical skills – reading and writing.  Using inspiration from the CEO of the US Navy in his charge to his “troops” to raise the bar in these two areas, we look at the importance for doing both as professionals and as those committed to continuous learning.  As the blog reveals…this is 'Leader Business'.” Follow Tom on Twitter at @leaderbusiness.

Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership submitted 4 Vital Truths of Team Culture. Wally recaps, "There’s lots of good advice on team culture. Here are four vital truths you can’t hear often enough." Find Wally on Twitter at @wallybock.

Willy Steiner of Executive Coaching Concepts shared Authenticity in the Workplace: Why I've Gotta be Me. Willy writes, "There is a lot of discussion about staying true to your "authentic self".  This post examines how that may not always be the very best strategy and that a better option is for a mix of sincerity and empathy." Follow Willy on Twitter at @coachforexecs.

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