Leaders Serving Leaders

I was reminded this morning of the potential for good and bad through social media. I read these two posts (here, and one written to Christians here) about the narcissistic nature of involvement in social media and they made me think. With a bit of reflection, I am challenged to keep the focus of my activities on serving the members of this group as they Lead Change. It was refreshing and convicting to be reminded. I live too close to the line. It's time to move away.

So, how can I encourage, energize and equip you this week to apply character-based leadership to make a positive difference in ourselves first, others and our communities?

Do you need to make a stand for character-based leadership?  Could that stand be to become a contributing member of this group?

Would it help you to post on the Lead Change blog? We could use some articles and I could use some help editing and posting.

Would it help you to replay Monica's or Steve's webinars? I'm still working on getting those posted. I expect to have them both posted this week.

Would a monthly conference call help us become more strategic on how we lead change?

Would sharing a link to a resource or promoting some other activity designed to help leaders grow be part of your plan this week? Write a post about some resource you've found to be a help. Share the link in the Links area of the site.

How can we Lead Change and move the community from the LinkedIn discussion format to real action? And please know that the answer to this question cannot simply be more things for Mike to do. We must be the change we want to see in the world. Ghandi only told me that Mike must be the change. I'm confident that's not what he said to you. :-)

But if you truly need some help, as Susan Mazza posted, Just Ask.  You'll never know what this community will do to help you become a better leader until you commit to be part of the solution and then just ask.

What will it be?

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