Leadership & Faith

A leader is a person who inspires others to act and encourages others to move forward, especially during challenging times. They serve as a role model and a rock to enable others to work through tough times. While they have a burden to shoulder, they need not be the smartest one in the organization to make things happen. They need to be there for their people and show their support for them.

Faith is the head chemist of our brain. It is the faith we have that sometimes helps us get through challenging times without the assurance that we will make it or be successful. Leaders, like everyone else, also need faith to help them walk through a cloudy day hoping that, when the fog is lifted, there is a better day.

One of the unique abilities of a leader is having faith in their constituents and believing in them regardless of any evidence that they will be able to see it through. A leader's gut feeling can give them the insight and comfort that their people have what it takes to get it done. As a result, they continue to believe in their people and support them. That ultimately will lead to their people achieving the otherwise impossible task. An amazing learning that can develop the confidence of their people.

Voltaire's quote comes to mind, “Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe." It believes when there is nothing that says to believe. A blind belief, in some respects, is an elevated sense of trust that their people will make it happen. For their constituents, the trust, guidance and words of encouragement of the leader help uplift their spirit and give them confidence to carry on. As a result, they end up accomplishing things they otherwise thought they could not accomplish. In the end, their constituents develop, and develop their ability to achieve greater things.

When in your career have you trusted your team in spite of the facts that are in front of you? Why did you continue to support them and trust them? Leaders aim to serve and be there for others. It is unique relationships that can help the company grow its talent.

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