Leadership Energy

Character-based leadership creates energy. Character-based leaders lead out of who they are rather than their position. They don't manipulate; they inspire.  Their character, personality, gifts, values, beliefs and behaviors communicate to the whole team and other stakeholders that they are part of the team.  They share the goals and objectives of the team and serve the team in pursuit of that goal.

The team rewards those leaders with energy.  They know that their leader is making as great or greater contribution to the cause. That knowledge inspires them to take responsibility, make sacrifices, and submit to the authority in order to take part in achieving a goal that is bigger than anything they could do on their own.  Their contribution in turn energizes the leader.  A cycle begins. The result can be many times greater than the sum of the parts.

It all begins with a person of character investing themselves in service to the team and the effort.

This week, what can you do to start or restart the cycle?  Will you be an investor or a consumer?  Will you inspire others by the energy you invest?  Be the best person you can be and invest yourself in a shared goal. You will energize and mobilize others giving them the best chance to achieve extraordinary, even multiplied results.

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