Leading Can be Simple

The following post is adapted from a post on the Random Acts of Leadership Blog in December, 2008.

It’s time to demystify leadership.

Opportunities abound for leading in any given moment.  Yet all too often we don’t even see the opportunities let alone take them.

Perhaps we have set our sights on the grand gestures of leadership; those moments born of pure inspiration that are captured in our history books and continue to inspire us today.  And if that is our standard for what leadership looks like it is no wonder leading seems daunting and inaccessible for so many.

I’ll suggest leading is actually much simpler than it seems.

Consider that “committing an act of leadership” may be no more difficult than “committing an act of kindness”.  Sure, it may take more courage, but it can be that simple nonetheless.

Perhaps we have gotten so lost in the theory and lofty ambition of leadership that we have lost the ability to recognize opportunities to lead that are right in front of us each and every day.

You don’t have to be “THE” Leader to be a leader.

It’s time we all return to the basics and get focused on the only moment we can make a difference in – NOW!

Leaders take action to translate vision into reality. That vision can be as small as solving today’s nagging problem or as big as ending world hunger.  They both have one thing in common – they can only be realized one action at a time.  What would be possible if you were to speak up, step up and stand up for what matters most to you?

Anyone can lead in any given moment.  What action could you take today to move one step closer to manifesting one of your visions?

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